Unite for Mac releases new version to turn website into web apps

Apple announced macOS Sonoma at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) earlier this year with the ability to turn websites into “web apps” and add them to the dock. In response, Unite, which offers similar features, released a new version with powerful customization options.

Unite 5 comes with a simpler flow for creating an app, a curated suggestion feature to let you quickly add new web apps, an app library to manage all web apps, and support for transferring personalized links. This is the first major update for Unite – developed by Binyamin Goldman – three years after the release of Unite 4 in 2020.

The new version allows you to quickly create a web application by adding a URL and choosing a logo. You can select additional options for the app, such as link forwarding, compact mode, and menu bar app, and create an app. Unite also lets you preview the app before adding it to your dock.

If you don’t want to worry about adding URLs, Unite 5 offers a suggestions section with categories like social media, messaging, file storage and sharing, entertainment, email, and productivity. This page contains almost all popular sites, so you can add them quickly. Unite 5 also has an App Library feature, which allows you to launch, edit or delete the app.

Unit 5 has a new suggestions section

Image credits: Unite 5

Additionally, there is a search function that is also used to find apps in your library or suggest new ones to create.

Unite 5 offers new search functionality

Image credits: Unite

The new Link Forwarding feature lets you set the default redirection for certain links per app. This means you can open some links in other apps and others in browsers.

Unit 5 - Link redirection

Image credits: Unite

Unite 5 has many browser-based features, such as support for hiding/showing the toolbar and changing the default search engine title bar, as well as multi-tab applications powered by its own browser. It also introduced features like better menu bar support, syncing notifications with focus modes, improved bookmarks, and better keyboard shortcut customization. Additionally, Goldman told TechCrunch that it is working on releasing Unite for Teams next year.

Unit 5 - Example of a menu bar

Image credits: Unite

Unite 5 costs $29.99 for a single Mac license with the option of additional licenses. Unite 4 users can upgrade to this version for $19.99.


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