Unguarded Krispy Kreme Van on Alaska Military Base Receives Surprise Attackers

JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska (AP) — Two bears on an Alaska military base attacked a Krispy Kreme donut van that was stopped outside a convenience store during its delivery route.

The driver usually left his doors open when he stopped at the store, but this time a sow and one of her cubs who were loitering nearby wandered inside, where they stayed for probably 20 minutes Tuesday morning, a said Shelly Deano, the store manager at Joint Base Elmendorf. -Richardson JMM Express.

The bears gnawed on the holes of donuts and other pastries, ignoring knocks on the side of the van that were aimed at chasing them away, Deano said.

“I was hitting the van and they weren’t moving. I could hear them opening the packages and everything,” she said. “I was like, ‘They don’t care.’”

When the bears couldn’t be roused, base security was called and sirens sounded for the bears, she said.

The bears eventually came out and wandered past the convenience store and gas station for a bit before heading into the woods.

It’s not uncommon to see bears on base or around the store, but nothing like this has happened before, Deano said, adding that the delivery driver now closes his doors when he stops at the store.

“We are careful when we enter, when we leave. When we take out the trash, we do it in pairs, especially if it’s dark,” she explained.

The bears munched on donut holes and other pastries, ignoring the knocks on the side of the van that aimed to chase them away.

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Capt. Lexi Smith, a base spokeswoman, said base authorities “are aware of this and other wildlife situations over the past several months.”

“We urge the public to exercise caution to ensure you protect our wildlife and yourself. Wildlife may be our neighbor, but they should not be attracted to our human food sources,” she said via email.


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