Uncle slammed for bonding unruly son with sister: ‘No home workout’

Internet commentators have defended an aunt who tried to send her teenage nephew back to his father after days of chaos and disrespect.

Posting to popular Reddit hole r/AmITheA**, Redditor u/Gold-Layer8380 (otherwise known as the original poster, or OP) said she had tried to take in her brother’s 14-year-old, but that she was finally overcome by a sea of ​​trash, dirty dishes, furniture stains and deceit.

Entitled, “[Am I the a**hole] for telling my brother his son doesn’t have a home workout?” the post received nearly 8,000 upvotes and 800 comments in the last day.

“I’m babysitting my nephew while my brother is out of town,” OP began. “I told my brother to pick up his son earlier than expected due to his behavior.”

Continuing to explain that his nephew refuses to clean up after him, put the trash in the bin or put his dirty dishes in the sink, the original poster said the 14-year-old also wiped her hands on her white couch before letting a wet towel soak on the same couch.

The original poster also said that despite her best efforts to keep her away from her belongings, her nephew invaded her privacy on several occasions, prompting the decision to cut short her stay at her home.

“I told him not to come into my cupboards, cupboards or drawers that [have] personal stuff…and he got into my stuff,” OP wrote. “He also tried to connect to my laptop while I was sleeping.

“I asked him if he was moving and he lied and told me no,” OP continued. “I told my brother that his son didn’t have home training and acted like he lived in a zoo.

“My brother told me we had an arrangement that he wouldn’t come back early and that maybe I should have kids one day to learn to be patient and not act like an uptight female dog,” said concluded OP.

While relying on relatives for childcare has become one of the most debated parenting topics on the internet, there are aunts, uncles, cousins ​​and grandparents taking in the youngest members of their family with open arms.

Unfortunately, these types of arrangements don’t always work.

Despite hundreds of suggestions for fun activities for nephews and nieces on parenting websites, reigning over a teenager determined to push the limits is much harder than entertaining a school-aged child.

Recently, Newsweek reported on multiple Reddit threads detailing kids just as unruly as the original poster’s nephew, including an uncle who refused to take his sister’s son on vacation because of his previous actions and two weddings – which left one bride regretting allowing her nephew into the ceremony and another bride relieved that she had banned her ‘uncontrollable’ nephew from attending.

Members of Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole forum sided with a woman who said she needs to watch her wayward nephew until his dad comes back to town.
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In each case, Redditors sided with aunts and uncles and called out parents who turned a blind eye to their child’s terrorizing behavior.

In the case of the viral Reddit post, the response was largely the same, with many Redditors taking aim at OP’s brother for refusing to hold himself – or his teenage son – accountable for how they both processed the original poster.

“Your brother’s response shows exactly where your nephew learned of his behavior,” Redditor u/Heavy_Sands5228 wrote in the main comment to the post, which received over 15,500 upvotes. “[Not the a**hole].”

“Exactly why OP should never again offer to do him such a big favor,” added Redditor u/NanoPsyBorg, receiving nearly 5,000 upvotes. “The brother looks ungrateful [as f**k]. What [a**hole].”

Redditor u/Wrong_Paper_2836, whose comment received nearly 4,000 upvotes, offered a similar response.

“Your brother is allowing his child to be a disrespectful bastard and you are absolutely [not the a**hole]“, they wrote. “Even if the child got away with it at home … he should have been raised better to respect others[‘s] homes and private life.”

“Looks like your brother isn’t doing a very good job parenting,” added Redditor u/joefitts63. “You’re stuck with the kid until your brother comes back, but you can (and should) refuse if you’re asked to babysit again.”

Separately, Redditor u/sofia1687 took issue with the latest insult thrown at the original poster.

“WHOA,” they exclaimed, receiving nearly 2,000 upvotes. “Are you doing your brother a favor, supporting his son who clearly has behavioral issues, and he calls you a stuck up bitch?

“Don’t take that away from him, OP!” they added.

Newsweek contacted u/Gold-Layer8380 for comment.


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