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Uncle Sam is finally spitting guns – but is it too late to save Ukraine from Putin? – POLICY

But according to Reznikov, even when Western determination was at its height, getting the equipment Ukraine needed was like pulling teeth. For example, in the months leading up to the invasion, when the United States was confident that Russia would launch a full-scale attack, Reznikov said he faced resistance.

“Reactions in November and December 2021 in Washington, DC regarding supplies, including Stingers, were negative. “It’s impossible,” the Pentagon and the State Department told me,” he said.

After the invasion, things got easier, but there was still a fight for each new type of missile, for each air defense system, for more 155-millimeter artillery ammunition. Reznikov believes that one reason for this is that the Allies feared exhausting the stocks needed for their own defense. “And by the middle of summer 2023, I fully understood that there was public and political fatigue and that things were going to slow down even more due to the domestic politics of allied countries,” he said .

The US House of Representatives, after six months of deadlock, approved $60.8 billion in aid to Ukraine. | Jim Lo Scalzo/EFE via EPA

Furthermore, Western governments also wanted to see what would happen with the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

“Everyone wants to support a winner, it’s part of human nature,” Reznikov said. But like other Ukrainian leaders – military and civilian – he complained that the counteroffensive was overblown and that expectations were far too high, because much of what Ukraine needed was still hidden .

“We have received many new armed vehicles, tanks and artillery systems, as well as the necessary ammunition. But, for example, we have not received enough special equipment for mine clearance. The Russians had huge, dense minefields and used the heights to prepare tank ambushes, copying the tactics we used to defend kyiv,” he added.


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