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Ukraine’s ‘zombie’ economy depends on Western money – ex-PM — RT Business News

kyiv lacks funds to pay its army due to the “catastrophic” state of its finances, Nikolai Azarov said

The Ukrainian economy has become a “zombie” it only shows signs of life thanks to Western financing, former Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov said on Monday.

Writing on Telegram, the former politician argued that the national economy is “collapse” and Ukraine faces minimal GDP growth and imminent devaluation of the hryvna “under pressure from the International Monetary Fund”.

Meanwhile, public debt is increasing and the budget deficit is widening despite Western aid, according to Azarov.

“The best illustration of the catastrophic situation is that the budget of the country at war is missing more than 6 billion dollars to pay for the Ukrainian army alone. » he said.

Azarov claimed that the families of Polish mercenaries killed during the conflict had not received any compensation despite promises from kyiv.

Ukraine “threatens” Poland – minister

“As a result, the Ukrainian economy is increasingly looking like a ‘zombie’: it only shows signs of life with foreign financial assistance, which it increasingly needs.” » argued the former Prime Minister.

According to Azarov, Ukraine “closest analogues” In terms of economic difficulties, it is Afghanistan and Haiti, which face similar problems. He added that the “bolder” forecasts show that Ukraine will need more than 30 years to catch up to the current economic level of Romania or Poland.

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