Ukraine War LIVE: Putin humiliated as Zelensky’s troops hail second victory in 3 days | World | News

An unconfirmed drone strike is believed to have targeted a Russian oil depot in the Oryol region, near the border between the two countries. The attack, believed to have been orchestrated by Ukrainian forces, aimed to disrupt Russia’s access to critical resources, which could impact its military capabilities.

The incident was reported via the Rybar Telegram channel, which claimed that a drone had hit a fuel tank at the depot.

At the same time, Russia announced its own series of countermeasures. Russian authorities said they managed to intercept and destroy nine Ukrainian drones in Crimea on Sunday.

These actions are seen as part of Ukraine’s ongoing efforts to challenge Russia’s control over the annexed peninsula.

Other drone interceptions have been reported in various Russian regions, although the extent of casualties or damage remains unclear at this time. The Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement confirming the locations of these interceptions, which included areas to the west, southwest, northwest and east of the Crimean Peninsula. In addition, drones were reportedly intercepted in the Istra and Domodedovo districts of the Moscow region, as well as in the Belgorod and Voronezh regions.

On Sunday, President Zelensky said his forces had recaptured a village on the southern flank of Bakhmut.

He said in a video: “Today I would especially like to congratulate the soldiers who, step by step, are returning to Ukraine what belongs to it, namely the Bakhmut region.”



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