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Grundvier: The external controllers of the Alterskontrollen also include the channels in the Thema. “We know one of the teenagers is online, as people use it,” British Media chief executive Melanie Dawes said. Das müsse sich ändern. The British Minister of Technology, Michelle Donelan, decided to have a new debate, one day, January 13, in another debate.

Aufholjagd: Other Asian states have established market research models for Taiwan. The country belongs to the Eltern mit Geldstrafen, when your children are busy, the Beschränkungen zu umgehen. China also has strict time limits for adolescents and even more so for young children.

AUßERDEM ERFAHREN PRO-SUBSCRIBER Tech-Newsletters are recent, like the Deepfakes generated by KI of heads of state who broadcast European information. Hinzu kommt, dass die Kommission im Vorfeld ihres neuen Regelwerks die Erwartungen an KI-Plattformen dämpft.


WAFFENEXPORTS TO ISRAEL STRITTIG: Following the US policy of intervention in defense of peace and Israel, Minister of Virtue Boris Pistorius (SPD) established the federal government on the basis of all necessary measures. Zuständig next to the Kanzleramt and the Außenministerium. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu expects that the US attack will not be carried out. Derweil plans Spain and Ireland as one of the former West European states, Palestine as the Anzuerkennen state. Außerdem verurteilte der EU-Außenbeauftragter Josep Borrell die Angriffe auf the UNRWA-Gebäude in Ost-Jerusalem.

— TESLA SONDERBEHANDLUNG: Due to the EU taking over a subsidized car manufacturer in China, the Tochtergesellschaft von Tesla in dem Land offenbar anders behandelt. Die Details berichtet our Kollege Koen Verhelst.

— BRICHT MICROSOFT DAS KARTELLRECHT? The European Commission has a single card right for Microsoft, as well as for supports of Teams Co-Working-Plattform with Office software products. Die Untersuchung wurde 2020 durch eine Beschwerde des Konkurrenten Slack ausgelöst. The commission is committed, Microsoft’s practices are illegal, but they are also available at the level of the integration of software services into the Windows computer system. Edith Hancock doesn’t know the details.


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Aimant les mots, Sara Smith a commencé à écrire dès son plus jeune âge. En tant qu'éditeur en chef de son journal scolaire, il met en valeur ses compétences en racontant des récits impactants. Smith a ensuite étudié le journalisme à l'université Columbia, où il est diplômé en tête de sa classe. Après avoir étudié au New York Times, Sara décroche un poste de journaliste de nouvelles. Depuis dix ans, il a couvert des événements majeurs tels que les élections présidentielles et les catastrophes naturelles. Il a été acclamé pour sa capacité à créer des récits captivants qui capturent l'expérience humaine.
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