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Uber-shit: Youtubers sell their cam in Rennes for a hidden camera – Rennes

The scene was funny this Thursday afternoon, in the city center of Rennes. A bunch of happy YouTubers hit hard. Very strong. At the wheel of a Ford Focus, apple green, screen-printed Uber Shit, two of them were yelling at the megaphone “Home delivery possible”, “She’s good, she’s good my cam”.

To attract even more attention, they threw from time to time some green smoke. After passing through the town hall square, the jokers headed for the quays. When we arrived at Place de la République, a major narcotics traffic center in Rennes, the car stopped to chat with many hilarious passers-by.

Meanwhile, friends were filming the scene next to the car so as not to miss any stunned reaction.

Who is behind this “performance”? Possibly this is the Unfinished, which we haven’t been able to reach at the time of going live.

Les Inachevés, a group of young people from Rennes, The number of hidden cameras has been increasing since 2015. Between their YouTube or Twitch channels, they have accumulated thousands of subscribers and their videos have already been viewed by millions of Internet users. Certainly, the video of this Thursday will be another hit. To be continued (maybe), soon, on their Facebook page or on Youtube.

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