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Uber and Arrival team up to create electric vehicle for hail-ride drivers – TechCrunch

Arrival, the electric vehicle maker that is trying to get off the assembly line in favor of highly automated micro-factories, is teaming up with Uber to create an electric vehicle for ride-sharing drivers.

Arrival plans to reveal the final vehicle design before the end of the year and begin production in the third quarter of 2023. Uber drivers have been asked to help with the design process to ensure the vehicles are built. to meet their needs.

Uber is trying to deliver on its promise made last year to become a fully electric mobility platform by 2025 in London, 2030 in North America and Europe and platform-wide by 2040 The company recently launched Uber Green, which offers passengers the option to select an electric vehicle at no additional cost and drivers have the option of paying a lower service charge, as part of a $ 800 million initiative to attract more drivers to electric vehicles.

To meet its goal of doubling the number of electric vehicle drivers by the end of 2021, Uber is rolling out its incentives for drivers by helping them buy or finance new vehicles. Arrival cars could be among those recommended for Uber drivers who wish to go electric, especially London drivers eligible for “EV assistance” through the company. Clean air plan, which launched in 2018, but an Uber spokesperson declined to confirm how arrival cars will be made available. Last September, Uber partnered with General Motors on a similar deal to offer drivers in the United States and Canada discounted prices for the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt.

“Uber is committed to helping all drivers in London switch to an electric vehicle by 2025, and through our Clean Air plan, more than £ 135million has been raised to support this ambition,” said Jamie Heywood, Uber Regional General Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe. in a report. “Our goal now is to encourage drivers to use this money to help them switch to an electric vehicle, and our partnership with Arrival will help us achieve that goal.”

London, where Arrival is based, aims for its entire transport system to be zero emissions by 2050 and will create zero emission zones in central London and the city center from 2025, spanning to downtown London by 2040 and across the city by 2050. If Uber drivers want to be able to work in the hottest parts of the city, they will have no choice but to switch to electric.

The partnership with Uber marks Arrivée’s first foray into the development of the electric car. Because arrival focuses on commercial space rather than commercial sales, its existing vehicle models are vans and buses. UK company EV already has an order from UPS for 10,000 purpose built vehicles.

Arrival wants to change the way electric utility vehicles are designed and manufactured. By designing its own batteries and other components in-house and building vehicles in multiple micro-factories, which are much smaller than traditional manufacturing facilities, Arrival says it is producing vehicles faster, cheaper and with higher costs. much lower environmental costs.

The company started its listing business in March following a SPAC merger with CIIG, one of several EV companies to enter markets via the SPAC route, as opposed to the traditional IPO route and slower.

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