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Tyler Perry brings Madea out of retirement: “We have to laugh”

Tyler Perry’s Madea is coming out of retirement.

The movie mogul revealed earlier this week that it wasn’t “goodbye” for his famous character – it’s Hello rather. Perry said in a ad video posted to Twitter on Tuesday that a new project starring Madea is coming to Netflix.

Perry, who plays the fiery gun matriarch in the popular franchise, made the announcement sitting behind a desk with his unruly character Madea, acting as his alter ego, making explosions throughout the announcement.

“It’s Tyler Perry saying – it’s Madea saying I’m coming back and I’m on Netflix,” he said.

“We have to laugh, man,” Perry added later of the upcoming project. “There is too much going on in the country, we have to laugh about it. “

The next installment in the Madea film franchise, “A Madea Homecoming,” is set to debut on the streaming service in 2022, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Perry, 51, who has played the well-known character in plays for years, announced in 2018 that he was removing his character from Madea, telling radio host Bevy Smith on SiriusXM: “We’re going to tell him. goodbye – don’t tell him.

He made the announcement ahead of the 2019 release of the franchise’s latest film, “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral.”

“We’re going to say goodbye in 19,” he added during his interview with SiriusXM. “I just don’t want to be her age to play with her.”

Perry will write and direct the next film, THR reported.


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