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two soldiers of Operation Barkhane injured in an ambush by Daesh – RT in english

Two soldiers deployed as part of Operation Barkhane were injured in Mali after an ambush by Daesh. If their vital prognosis is not engaged, the French air force had to be deployed to neutralize the jihadists.

An ambush by Daesh on June 15 in the Menaka region of Mali left several wounded soldiers deployed as part of Operation Barkhane. The French air force was called in to reinforce it with attack helicopters and fighter planes in order to neutralize the jihadists, whose death toll was not communicated.

During this reconnaissance mission, soldiers of the French force and the 114th Nigerien internal security company “were taken to task” by jihadists, according to the account of the spokesman of the staff, General. Frédéric Barbry relayed by AFP.

This assault gave rise to a response from the soldiers and “during this combat action, a Nigerien soldier lost his life, a second was wounded”. Two French soldiers were also injured before being evacuated and taken care of by the military hospital in Gao. Still according to the general, their vital prognosis would not be engaged.

On June 10, President Emmanuel Macron announced the end of the French Barkhane operation in the Sahel in these current terms in order to make way for an “international alliance bringing together the states of the region”. This “transformation” will include the closure of bases of the French army, had detailed the President of the Republic. It will be replaced by 2023 by a lighter support and combat support system for local troops at the cost of a hoped-for increase in power from Europeans and a major investment by African powers.

France no longer wishes to try to secure areas where African states are unable to maintain a foothold, in order to concentrate on the targeted fight against the jihadists. A reorientation that comes as the French presidential election of 2022 draws closer and the military effort raises growing questions in France, especially with regard to the 50 soldiers killed in action since 2013.

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