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Two presidents visited Turkey.  Only the man was offered a chair.

Either way, it has come at a “terrible time,” said Nigar Goksel, the leading Turkish expert for the International Crisis Group, especially in view of the recent withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention.

According to data collected by UN Women, the United Nations agency for women’s rights, 38% of Turkish women experience partner violence at least once in their life, and more than one in 10 have been victims of violence. domestic violence in the past 12 months. In the 2021 Global Gender Gap, an annual review of the World Economic Forum that covers economics, politics, education and health, Turkey ranked 133rd out of 156 countries.

The protocol’s failure at Tuesday’s meeting comes at a crucial time in Turkey’s relations with the European Union.

In recent months, Turkey has underlined its willingness to improve relations with the bloc and to relaunch its accession process. The meeting was intended to give momentum to a relationship that has been fraught with disagreement in recent years on issues such as migration, maritime borders and customs arrangements.

“Whatever the realities on the protocol side, the incident clearly underscores the fact that Turkey was blind to how it would look,” said Mr. Lesser of the German Marshall Fund. These perspectives, he added, “will only underline the feeling that Europe is not on the same wavelength when it comes to values, when it comes to diversity, inclusion and gender equality. ”

This point was not lost for the offended party.

Ms. von der Leyen “took the opportunity to highlight issues related to women’s rights in general and the Istanbul Convention in particular,” said Mamer, her spokesperson. “It certainly would have been discussed in any case, but obviously that sharpened her on the issue.”

Matina Stevis-Gridneff brought back from Brussels, and Carlotta Gall from Istanbul. Monika pronczuk contribution to the Brussels reports.

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