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Two months suspended prison sentence required against Farida C. – RT en français

The prosecutor requested on February 22 two months in prison suspended for “violence” and “contempt” against nurse Farida C, author of throwing projectiles against the police. His lawyer asked for a full discharge.

Two months of suspended prison sentence on February 22 were required against nurse Farida C, tried for throwing projectiles against the police during a demonstration in support of caregivers affected by the crisis .

The images of his muscular arrest had toured social networks and television channels. That day, June 16, 2020, she was arrested, pinned to the ground by the police. She then shouts “please I want my ventoline please.” I want my Ventoline! ”. As her daughter Imen Mellaz told RT France, she was released the next day while awaiting trial.

My hands don’t hurt, they’ve been healing for 20 years

“The working conditions are difficult, we can understand what it evokes in terms of frustration, fed up, which can lead to committing acts in which we no longer recognize ourselves”, said the quoted prosecutor. by AFP, during the hearing held at the Paris court.

“Unfortunately what she undergoes, she ended up subjecting it to others, in this case the police officer who finds himself having to wipe stones, fingers of honor”, added the magistrate, before request two months’ suspended prison sentence for “violence” and “contempt” and an acquittal for the facts of “rebellion” and “insults”.

“It was an oversized reaction which was not considered”, regretted Farida C at the bar before justifying: “We were three months from the [début de la pandémie de] Covid-19, I was exhausted, it was not against the police that I had thrown the bitumen, it was symbolic ”. And the official to add: “My hands do not hurt, they have been treating for 20 years. […] I won’t do it again. “

Farida C’s lawyer, Arié Alimi, has requested a full discharge for his client. “A few bits of bitumen thrown in the air don’t deserve a suspended prison sentence, because it’s infamous. This deserves a dispensation from the penalty ”, he pleaded.

Many supporters of the nurse had made the trip for this trial. Due to the high attendance, the court opted for a larger courtroom, in order to ensure strict compliance with sanitary rules. Outside the courthouse, a few dozen people gathered at the start of the morning at the call of the CGT and Solidaires to demand the “total release” of the nurse. The decision will be known on May 3.

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