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Twitter reminds Sam Darnold – still thinking about COVID-19 vaccine – that he’s already missed three weeks of mono

Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold has been criticized for his comments on the COVID-19 vaccine.

The video – courtesy of ESPN’s David Newton – showed Darnold discussing whether he would get the shot. The fourth-year quarterback said he has yet to receive the vaccine and is still “assessing” whether, if it suits him, he will receive it.

“You know, you still have to think about all of these things that come into play,” Darnold said. “Again, it’s up to everyone to choose whether they want to get the shot or not. So that’s really all I have on this. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but yeah, I haven’t been vaccinated yet. “

Darnold added: “There are a ton of different things that come into play. I’m going to assess this for myself and make the best decision that I think is the best for myself.”

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Darnold is right, it’s up to everyone to decide if they want to be vaccinated. It’s also everyone’s choice to remind first-year caller from Carolina that he has already missed important playing time due to an infectious disease.

Who can forget that time in 2019, when Darnold missed three games with mononucleosis? After all, he provided the internet with this gem of a Jets GIF, which he quarterbacked at the time:

To be fair, Darnold isn’t the only player today which became news for his opinion on the COVID-19 vaccine. Washington defender Montez Sweat issued a confusing and contradictory message after coach Ron Rivera – who is at higher risk if he contracts the disease as a cancer survivor – brought in a vaccine expert to explain their benefits.

Regardless of his intention, Darnold received a quick reminder from Twitter about his own past with infectious diseases:

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