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Tucker Carlson pleads on air to friend with swollen testicles of Nicki Minaj’s cousin

The Fox News personality on Tuesday made an on-air call to speak to the man from Trinidad who this week claimed the unvaccinated hip-hop star, in a hotly contested viral tweet, had suffered from a enlarged genitals and had become impotent after receiving the blow – and was then dumped before her wedding.

Public health experts including infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci have dismissed the rapper’s claims, saying there is no evidence the gunshots can cause reproductive harm.

“We have not been able to determine if this show is airing in Trinidad,” Carlson said at the end of a 10-minute segment devoted to Minaj’s unsubstantiated claim.

“But if Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend is watching, or his ex-fiancée is watching, we want to hear your story,” he continued. “We will come to Port of Spain to see you. Let us know.”

Earlier on his much-watched show, a self-confessed liar and doubter about the vaccine, Carlson corrected his claim from the night before in a graphic that it was Minaj’s cousin – not his cousin’s friend. – whose testicles had enlarged.

“Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s testicles are not swollen, to our knowledge he is fine,” Carlson said. “Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s testicles are swollen from the vax. This is the claim.


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