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Trump’s lawyer and other allies launch electoral fraud organization

“The National Council of Election Integrity Alliance is made up of individuals who have fought for electoral integrity at great personal risk and who are champions of free and fair elections,” the organization said in a statement. .

People familiar with the project say it is intended to be a centralized hub for providing information on issues related to electoral fraud and electoral security. It also aims to coordinate with other organizations focused on electoral integrity.

American Greatness Fund, which was founded by former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, is part of an ever-expanding network of Trump-aligned advocacy groups that have arisen since the 2020 election. Former senior advisers by Trump Brooke Rollins and Larry Kudlow created the America First Policy Institute; Ben Carson, who served as housing and urban development secretary in the Trump administration, started the American Cornerstone Institute; Russ Vought, who oversaw Trump’s Office of Management and Budget, unveiled the Center for American Restoration.

Another recent participant is former Trump speechwriter Stephen Miller, who formed America First Legal, a team to fight White House Biden.

Conservatives say they see groups as the key to a larger effort to match a formidable liberal “black money” machine. The Conservative Policy Institute, an organization overseen by Trump’s White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, which provides support to nonprofit groups, has called a group of donors major at Trump’s estate in Mar-a-Lago last. months to discuss the way forward.

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