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Trump’s ex-brother-in-law hands over boxes of documents to prosecutors

The former daughter-in-law of a Trump executive on Thursday handed over boxes full of financial documents to Manhattan prosecutors investigating former President Donald J. Trump and his company, his representatives said.

Investigators for District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr., acting on a grand jury summons, collected several boxes of documents and a laptop from the Upper West Side apartment of wife Jennifer Weisselberg, married to a longtime son. Trump leader Allen H. Weisselberg.

The handing over of the documents offered the latest suggestion that prosecutors investigating a possible fraud against Mr. Trump and his company are stepping up pressure on Mr. Weisselberg, the company’s chief financial officer, who has been dealing with decades of fraud. finances of the Trump organization and could provide essential insider knowledge to investigators.

“I can confirm that Jennifer Weisselberg has been in close contact with the district attorney’s office, handed them documents and continues to do so,” said Duncan Levin, lawyer for Ms Weisselberg, ex-wife of Barry, the son. by M. Weisselberg. “She is committed to cooperate with the police and to be completely transparent with the investigators.”

Ms Weisselberg said in a recent interview that investigators from the district attorney’s office visited her apartment weeks ago at her invitation, to examine a number of documents implicating her ex-husband and former stepfather. She said investigators took several of the documents. Thursday’s visit suggests prosecutors collect additional cases.

Prosecutors have focused on the elder Mr Weisselberg in recent weeks as they investigate whether Mr Trump and his company manipulated the value of the properties they owned in order to obtain great loans and tax benefits . They subpoenaed Mr Weisselberg’s personal bank statements and asked about the gifts he and his family received from the former president.

While the longtime executive of the Trump organization has not been charged with any wrongdoing, he can be an important aspect of any possible criminal case against Mr. Trump and his company. If prosecutors found evidence that Mr. Weisselberg committed crimes, the pressure on him to cooperate would increase.

A spokesperson for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined to comment, as did Mr. Weisselberg’s attorney, Mary E. Mulligan.

The handing over of the documents and the details of the summons were first reported by The Washington Post.

The summons, which was reviewed by the New York Times and dated April 7, asked Ms Weisselberg for all financial documents provided to her by her ex-husband. These included statements of taxes, bank accounts and credit cards, as well as records relating to the Trump organization and its management of the Trump Wollman Rink in Central Park, which is managed by young Mr. Weisselberg.

Neither Barry Weisselberg nor his brother, Jack Weisselberg, who works at Ladder Capital, one of Mr. Trump’s lenders, have been charged with wrongdoing.

Ms Weisselberg started living with Barry Weisselberg in 1996, married him in 2004 and divorced in 2018. She said prosecutors in Mr Vance’s office questioned her about the gifts the Weisselberg family received from Mr. Trump and his business. These freebies include an apartment in Central Park South, rented cars and school fees, she said.

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