Trump’s endorsement was ‘like rocket fuel’ for the campaign

Blake Masters, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona, said former President Donald Trump’s recent endorsement “has been like fuel for this campaign” during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday.

Masters, who maintains a double-digit lead over his Republican challengers, hopes to secure the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate on August 2.


Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle opened the interview by asking Masters about the impact Trump’s endorsement had on his campaign.

Masters said Trump’s endorsement has “been like rocket fuel for this campaign.”

“I think President Trump endorsed me in early June. So it’s been about six weeks, but since early June with this approval, you know, and of course we’ve been spreading the word about it. It’s been like rocket fuel for this campaign,” Masters said.

Masters noted that Trump’s scheduled appearance in Arizona had been postponed for a week and offered his prayers for the Trump family in light of the recent passing of Ivana Trump.

“So I would ask everyone to keep praying for the Trump family. As they mourned the loss of Ivana, it was truly terrible news. But, but so we’re going to have a rally in a week, you know, next Friday, at Prescott Valley, Arizona.

Masters said Trump’s rallies are “less traditional political events” and “more like a rock concert.”

Boyle pointed to the importance of the U.S. Senate race from Arizona, with the current Senate split evenly 50-50.

Masters said his run was the “most important Senate race this cycle.”

“I think this is the most important Senate race this cycle. And we have many important senatorial races, don’t we? Nevada, like you said, Georgia, Pennsylvania, but you can’t go back to 51 Republican votes in the United States Senate without going through Arizona,” Masters said. “And so that’s just crucial. It is absolutely crucial. This is the battlefield. »

He slammed his opponent, Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ), for doing ‘everything Chuck Schumer tells him to do’ and falsely telling Arizona voters he would be an independent voice in the Senate .

Masters said:

Democrats know it too. I mean, look, they have this awful, dreadful agenda, but they’re not boring. They’re smart people, and they know Arizona is the state to defend, you know, they’ve got this incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Kelly over there, who is a dream to them because he’s doing everything Chuck Schumer tells him to do it. You know, he promised Arizona, and Kelly did, that he would be independent. And he just wasn’t. He voted alongside Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer and for Joe Biden’s agenda. So this is the most important race in the Senate, but I think I’m going to be by far the most capable candidate to expose Mark Kelly, he’s going to pretend to be a moderate, and we’re going to tie it to his record of left vote. And he’s so out of step with Arizona. I’m pretty confident that we’ll take that seat back.

The conversation turned to immigration, which Masters made a key point of his campaign. He criticized President Joe Biden for his lax enforcement of federal immigration law and pledged to implement immigration policies that would benefit the American worker.

“Well look, I obviously think the exact amount of illegal immigration is zero. Right? I mean, that’s why it’s illegal, right? You’re not supposed to have any” “And of course Joe Biden isn’t even trying to enforce federal law, they stopped building the border wall, they stayed in Mexico, they positively flooded the border inviting millions and millions of people coming here. So all of that has to stop. And illegal immigration, of course, is horribly destructive.

Masters added that “the glut of unlimited illegal aliens entering this country is devastating to the wages of working class America.”

He also attacked big tech companies in Silicon Valley for bringing in foreign workers instead of training American workers to do their jobs.

“I was working in Silicon Valley. I saw with my own eyes how the h1 B visa program basically works like corporate welfare for Facebook and Google at this point,” he said. instead of training Americans to do software programming jobs, of course, Facebook or Google would rather bring people in from India, bring people in from China, and pay them less to do the same job. And I don’t think we should allow that.

Masters thinks the litmus test for US immigration policy is whether “the inclusion of this person net benefits the average American.”

“But we shouldn’t accept legal immigrants who are going to put Americans out of work. I think the litmus test for any immigration policy is: does the inclusion of this person benefit the average American? If so, then maybe it’s a good policy. He said.

Toward the end of the interview, Masters outlined his perspective on America’s nuclear family and talked more about his goal of enabling Americans to raise families on one income. He said he was “amazed” when some saw his goal as “controversial”.

“Decades ago you could live on one income. And, you know, maybe it’s a complicated story, what happened – globalization, decades of inflation, whatever, but [you] can’t really do it anymore,” Masters said. “And that seems like a problem, seems like maybe a difficult problem to solve. But man, you can’t solve it if you don’t identify it.

“I think the family, the nuclear family, that’s the fundamental institution in the United States, and we should be preparing for an economy that actually makes it easier for young people to come together and have children and children. ‘economy of these children where people are prosperous enough,’ concluded Masters.

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