Trump says (again) you need to show ID to shop

Former President Donald Trump said people need ID to shop, repeating a far-fetched claim he pushed at previous rallies Friday.

“You have a voter ID to buy a loaf of bread, you have an ID to buy a loaf of bread,” Trump said, saying Democrats were “desperate” to stop his movement during his remarks at the Concerned Women for America summit in Washington. CC

The former president also faced pushback for another allegation related to the food market when he said grocery stores would “work in concert” with federal employees amid the 2019 partial government shutdown.

“Local people know who they are when they’re shopping and everything else…and that’s what happens in times like this: they know the people, they’ve dealt with them for years and they work with them”, he said at the time.

Social media users mocked the former president’s latest remarks about grocery shopping, joking that they had “carded for pumpernickel” the other day.


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