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Trump reportedly called Aging AG almost daily about election fraud allegations

Jeffrey Rosen at a press conference in 2020. Olivier Douliery-Pool / Getty Images

After the November election, former President Donald Trump called Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen almost daily to report allegations of electoral fraud, two people familiar with the matter said. The Washington Post.

During those calls in late 2020 and early 2021, Trump asked Rosen what the Justice Department was doing about the allegations, people said. At the time, Trump and his supporters were working overtime to try to prevent the certification of election results, and the To post reports that the calls ceased after the attack on the Capitol on January 6.

Rosen listened to what Trump had to say, but never said he planned to take any action, the To post reports. He often tried to change the subject, but Trump was “absolutely obsessed with it,” a person with knowledge of the subject told the To post. One of Rosen’s main collaborators, Richard Donoghue, was present for some of the calls and wrote notes. Unless Trump decides to prevent these notes from being made public, they could be turned over to congressional committees investigating Trump’s actions after the November election, the To post said.

These same committees could also interview Rosen and Donoghue, both of whom have recently received letters from the Justice Department saying they are authorized to provide information they learned to the Department of Justice, including any knowledge of the attempts. to involve the ministry in contesting or annulling the election results, To post reports.

Rosen testified before Congress in May and said that while he was Acting Attorney General, “no special prosecutor was appointed, whether for electoral fraud or otherwise; no public statement was made to question the election; no letter was sent to state officials seeking election results; [and] no legal action or Ministry of Justice case has been submitted to overturn the election results. “

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