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Trump plans to start hosting campaign rallies in weeks as he hints at his intention to start the 2024 presidential race

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New GOP heroes are all killers, kooks and creeps

Illustration photo by The Daily Beast / Getty There is no civil war in the Republican Party – the Confederates won a long time ago, instead we are seeing the end of a long molting process as the GOP slips into its final form: a counter-majority fascist Republicans shed their masks and balaclavas, spitting their dog whistles and squarely embracing the Big Lie and the violent insurgents, conspiracy theorists and racists who make up the base of the party and, increasingly, its representatives in Congress. The party of thugs, terrorists, racists and drug addicts The insane hope that Donald Trump is only an outlier, a frightening aberration whose eventual exit would allow “adults” like Mitch McConnell to revert to their belligerent obstructionism , their court cases and their shameless madness towards business America and the 1 percent – you know, “business as usual,” like it’s all normal or healthy – is gone. On a House Oversight Committee this week, Rep. Andrew Clyd We tried to shine a light on America by stating that there was no riot and that the violent insurgency actually looked like a “Normal tourist visit”. I would hate a vacation with Rep Clyde and his family. The majority of Republicans believe the 2020 election was rigged in favor of Biden. Trump was not cancerous growth but the end product of the party’s decades-long transformation process. He is the beating heart. It is the orange avatar of Republicans, their unbridled identity, their bubbling and festering rage that stifles its appetites while securing power and wealth by any means necessary. Democracy, the rule of law, equality, fairness, the right to vote are all unnecessary and cumbersome obstacles that must either be removed or weakened to achieve the ultimate goal: the power of a Christian minority. conservative with a white majority. -Lago instead of raging White House tweeting, doesn’t mean the threat has been removed. His tactics and temper tantrums were simply picked up and copied by Republicans desperate to follow the same strategy to seize power in 2022 and 2024, perhaps with less sensationalism and fanfare. the Republican Party will nominate 100 Republicans, including Miles Taylor, Trump’s former homeland security official, who threaten to quit the GOP and create a new party. Taylor said: “The civil war within the GOP does not end. Today, it has only just begun. Someone should tell Rep. Liz Cheney, now removed from her Republican leadership for voting to impeach Trump and condemning the violent Jan.6 insurgency that left five people dead. Representative Madison Cawthorne, reflecting her party’s courtesy and sectarian loyalty to Trump, tweeted, “Na na na na, na na na na na, hey hey, goodbye Liz Cheney.” Do you know who hasn’t been punished or reprimanded yet? Representative Paul Gosar, who spoke at a conference on white supremacy, tweeted a slogan of white supremacy, friends with violent militias and racists, and this week wholeheartedly defended violent insurgents he says he is “peaceful patriots” This Trump Wannabe might just be the worst of the rotten bunch All of Cheney’s Republican colleagues except one whitewashed the House when she gave her defiant speech against Trump this week one day before she was deprived of her leadership role. More than half of the GOP House gave a standing ovation and applause to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene when she gave a speech before Democrats stripped her of her powers on the committee. Greene has actively supported the violent insurgency, promotes the QAnon conspiracy – which is a domestic terrorist threat according to the FBI – supports the “replacement theory” of white supremacy, and is an anti-Semite who believes Jews control space lasers. Wake up tour with Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Republican in good standing even as his partner faces a 33-count indictment that includes sex trafficking of a minor. You can tell a lot about the people of their heroes. The students of Trump founder John Lambert have just been sentenced to 13 months for posing as a lawyer, by a judge who called him a “cold-blooded fraudster.” At least he’s not a killer – one of Trump’s favorite terms of praise, by the way – like Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18-year-old who illegally carried a gun during a Black protest. Lives Matter in another state and shot dead two unarmed people. The McCloskeys, who illegally wielded guns during a peaceful BLM protest outside their home, were given top notch real estate at RNC 2020 to warn of the dangers of blacks and Maroons “invading” the suburbs. War criminal Eddie Gallagher, who was pardoned by Trump, now openly admits “we killed this guy”, and alleges that his fellow Navy SEALS intended to put his 12-year-old unarmed inmate to death, and that ” no one at the time had a problem with that. “There is no protest, shock, disgust or condemnation from the GOP and the right-wing media. They love it because it is. is what they are. This process is nothing new. It began with the arrival of white colonizers in this country and claiming it as their own, wiping out indigenous peoples, enslaving black Americans and passing the four hundred years to promote the big lie echoed by Rick Santorum: “We came here and created a blank slate.” It was the larval stage, which stirred and refined its undemocratic barbarism through segregation and Jim Crow. Eventually, he had to reluctantly evolve in the 1960s during the civil rights movement, replacing blatant racism and criminality with the “southern strategy” to win over white Democrats and disgruntled southerners. It was the nymph stage and lasted until 2016. Several fine examples of this animal included Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and even John Boehner, who is currently enlightening us in his memoirs, pretending not to actively allow, support and encourage radicalization of the right. Other examples include conservative intellectuals like George Will and Bill Kristol, who are now ridiculed, ridiculed and dismissed by modern MAGA GOP as RINOS, or Republicans in Name Only. Even former Republican presidential candidates cannot escape the purge. John McCain and Mitt Romney, who overwhelmingly voted with Trump’s agenda but decided that Russia was interfering in our election and that a president abusing his power to alter our democracy was a bridge too far, are now being avoided and hated by party loyalists for their brief, petty acts of courage and patriotism. The Republican Party they belonged to is dead. It’s finish. Finished, the last stage of the moult is almost finished. The adult will emerge. An increasingly radicalized, militarized and fascist entity, actively hostile to the majority and our democracy, will openly support violent insurgencies, lies, conspiracy theories, authoritarians and racists. It will attack democracy, the right to vote, the rule of law, our allies and the truth. It is no longer a political party, but if you engage in a harmful false equivalence on both sides and squint your eyes like Sunday morning political broadcasts you can pretend it is. 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