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Trump now leading in 5 battleground states — all of which Biden won in 2020: poll



Former President Donald Trump is leading President Biden in five critical swing states — all of which Biden won in 2020, a new round of polling has found.

Surveys by the New York Times, Siena College and the Philadelphia Inquirer found that Trump was more popular than Biden among voters in Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania, while Biden was leading among voters in just one battleground state, Wisconsin.

All six battleground states examined in the polls were won by Biden in 2020, and victories in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in 2024 would be enough for Biden to secure reelection, provided he doesn’t lose any of the States. says he won four years ago.

Donald Trump leads Biden in 5 key states.
Donald Trump leads Biden in 5 key states. P.A.
Joe Biden answers questions from reporters in Rehoboth Beach, Del. on May 12, 2024.
Joe Biden answers questions from reporters in Rehoboth Beach, Del. on May 12, 2024. P.A.

The poll numbers revealed how issues such as inflation, the war between Israel and Hamas and immigration have caused widespread discontent among Americans, while raising concerns about Biden’s ability to improve the quality of life of Americans.

Nearly 70% of voters surveyed said the country’s political and economic systems need a major overhaul — and just 13% of Biden supporters think he would be able to make such a change during his second term. mandate.

Many voters surveyed even admitted that even if they didn’t like Trump, he would be the candidate to change things.

Trump and Biden are currently tied among 18-29 year olds and Hispanic voters, even though more than 60% of the population voted for Biden in 2020.

Trump also received 20% of support from black voters – the highest level of black support for a Republican presidential candidate since the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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