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Trump named 2 of his biggest enemies and Jimmy Kimmel is absolutely mystified

Donald Trump seems to have two major villains in his life right now, and as Jimmy Kimmel pointed out on Thursday, each is weirder than the other.

The former president called Fox News this week and began to voice his grievances, including a new attack on windmills, which he said “kills everything.”

“Donald Quixote strikes again! Kimmel cracked. “Why do you think he hates windmills so much?” Maybe they’re messing up her hair, I don’t know.

And that wasn’t the only odd moment in the interview as the man Kimmel called “La Mancha’s tan” also lambasted Canada as being “very, very harsh” and “very unfair” to Canadians. United States.

“Maybe we should build a wall in northern Montana as well,” Kimmel suggested. “What’s his problem with Canada?” I bet Celine Dion refused to sing on her birthday or something and he never forgot it.

See more in his Thursday night monologue:


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