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Trump hints at Mar-A-Lago that biased Arizona recount could be White House’s way

Donald Trump hinted to guests at Mar-a-Lago that the worrying audit of the Arizona poll by a partisan private company could lead to his reinstatement in the White House.

“Let’s see what they find,” Trump said in remarks captured on video at his golf resort in Florida.

“There are some very interesting things going on in Arizona,” he noted in footage that appeared to have been taken Wednesday during his farewell speech before heading to New Jersey for the summer. It was posted on TikTok by 45covfefe.

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“Let’s see what they find. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found thousands and thousands and thousands of votes, ”Trump added.

“After that, we’re going to look at Pennsylvania, and you look at Georgia, then you’re going to look at Michigan and Wisconsin, and you look at New Hampshire. They found a lot of votes in New Hampshire earlier … did you see that? he added, although it is unclear what Trump was referring to.

“It was a rigged election, everyone knows that, and we will be watching it very closely,” he concluded.

There is absolutely no evidence that this was a rigged election.

Maricopa County’s current controversial 2.1 million vote audit for President and Senate – races won by Democrats – is led by Cyber ​​Ninjas, which is owned by a promoter of the “Stop the Steal” lie. Against which the election was rigged. Asset. Owner Doug Logan retweeted messages months ago that an Arizona audit would find hundreds of thousands of votes for Trump. The Florida-based Cyber ​​Ninjas company has no experience with elections or ballots.

The company, hired by the Arizona GOP Senate, has failed to keep its recount operation a secret. Election and civil rights organizations are so alarmed that they have written to the Department of Justice for federal observers fearing the ballots will be damaged, stolen, altered or lost.

Trump is asking “several times a day” for an update on the operation, the Washington Post reported Thursday. He is especially fascinated by Cyber ​​Ninjas’ examination of the ballots in ultraviolet light, which some experts believe could damage them, according to the Post. It is not known why Cyber ​​Ninjas uses UV light.

In the latest alarming development, a reporter from the Republic of Arizona on Friday took a photo of U.S. Capitol rally agitator and former Arizona Rep. Anthony Kern (right) examining the ballots in the frame of the audit.

Kern’s name appears on the ballots he was examining. He lost a re-election contest, coming last in a three-way race. Kern is also listed as Donald Trump’s presidential voter on the ballot, according to the Republic.

He is also a follower of the “Big Lie”, and was photographed on the steps of the United States Capitol during the uprising.

More than 40 Democrats in the Arizona State Legislature have called on the Justice Department to investigate Kern after the Capitol siege. His “own social media posts strongly suggest” that Kern was “present during the riot in Washington, DC on January 6, and actively cheering on the crowd, both before and during the attack on the Capitol.” indicates the letter to the DOJ. .

Arizona Republic reporter Ryan Randazzo was kicked out of the recount operation at the Veterans Memorial Coliseumat after taking Kern’s photo. He noted that the ballot boxes appeared to be mixed and the votes examined, with no obvious organizational scheme.

Critics have criticized the operation as a Trump rally and by no means as a reputable audit of anything.

The results of the audit will have no effect on President Joe Biden’s victory in the state by a 0.3 point margin, which has been officially certified for a long time. But claims of new votes for Trump could undermine faith in a legitimate election and lead to further unrest.


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