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Trump criticizes FBI and reaffirms he has ‘tons of evidence’ of fraud – RT en français

In an interview on Fox News, US President Donald Trump assured that he did not want to change his mind about his allegations of fraud. He took the opportunity to scratch the FBI and the Justice Department, which he accuses of passivity.

In his first televised interview since the November 3, 2020 ballot, US President Donald Trump said on November 29 that he will not “change[it] no opinion ”on his accusations of massive electoral fraud and would not stop contesting the results. He also claimed that the FBI and the Justice Department were “missing”.

It’s not like anyone can change my mind. I won’t have changed my mind in six months

“It’s not like anyone can change my mind. I won’t have changed my mind in six months, ”the White House tenant told Fox News. And to add: “This election was rigged. We have largely won. ”

“We try to present evidence, but the judges do not allow us,” he said, referring to recent legal setbacks such as in Pennsylvania where the State Supreme Court rejected on November 28, 2020 a new complaint from his campaign team. “We’re trying. We have tons of evidence, ”he hammered.

We need the Supreme Court to review our case. Something must come to him. If not, what is the Supreme Court? ”

The US president also complained about not receiving support from the Justice Department and the FBI. “[Ils sont] missing, ”he regretted, wondering about the usefulness of the Supreme Court:“ The Supreme Court must examine our case. Something must come to him. If not, what is the Supreme Court? ”

Meanwhile, the outgoing president refused to set a limit on his legal actions to reverse the election result. “I will not give a date,” he said. Does he still see a possibility of winning? “I hope,” he replied.

The FBI in the game?

In addition, on November 29, the director general of the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, a conservative legal organization, assured on Twitter that the FBI would have contacted Matt Braynard, former analyst of Donald Trump’s campaign, to collect data concerning allegations of electoral fraud. “After learning that hundreds of thousands of ballots are potentially fraudulent, the FBI has now asked to examine our data,” he explained.

The message was accompanied by a press release: “We learned that Mr. Braynard had been contacted by [le] FBI […] to recover our data Mr. Braynard has responded positively to this request and we fully support him. This data has been used to identify hundreds of thousands of potentially fraudulent ballots. ”

Previously, Donald Trump had already stressed that the fact of initiating the transition in no way prevented the legal proceedings concerning “the most corrupt election in American political history” from taking their course. “We will never bow to the bogus ballots and Dominion,” he said, adding that “important” legal proceedings were still to come.

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