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Trump complained on a radio show that the media spent “all night” Sunday covering the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida instead of his “grand deal” with the Taliban

Former President Donald Trump Getty

  • Trump complained to radio show host Todd Starnes that the media was covering Hurricane Ida all weekend.

  • He added that the news channels did not discuss the “great deal” he had with the Taliban.

  • The former president targeted CNN and MSNBC in particular, but instead called the latter “MSDNC”.

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Former President Donald Trump appeared on a radio show on August 30 and complained at length that the media was spending too much time covering devastating Hurricane Ida, instead of his “big deal” with the Taliban .

“All they were talking about was the hurricane. You watch CNN and you watch MSDNC, they’re horrible. Unfortunately, their ratings are very low, but all they want to talk about is hurricane or whatever they can talk about, “Trump told conservative radio show host Todd Starnes on Monday, intentionally mixing up the MSNBC name.

“Afghanistan isn’t even something that can even be rationally discussed. The level of stupidity – and we had a great deal,” Trump said.

A million homes along the Gulf Coast may have been damaged or destroyed after Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday. At least one person has died and a million Louisianans could now be without power for nearly three weeks.

Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated, but still cannot return home, even after Ida was demoted to a tropical storm on Monday.

The former president continued to explain that the media did not report that he had colluded with the Taliban and “Abdul” – probably referring to the leader of the Taliban, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar – not to kill Americans .

“We would have hit them so hard, and they knew it, Abdul knew it,” Trump said. “I would have taken out the equipment, I would have taken out the people, then we would have bombed all the bases except Bagram,” the former president said.

In a video of the exchange, Starnes is seen trying to speak, but Trump continued to speak to the media.

“The media, which is bogus, crooked and corrupt, are the worst people, these are the most corrupt people. The only thing I don’t understand is why. They must hate our country. And they are. , in fact, the enemy of the people. But the corrupt media shows the hurricane all night, “Trump said.

Trump has weighed in on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan several times over the past two weeks.

Referring to the deal that the Trump administration negotiated with the Taliban that the United States would withdraw its military presence within 14 months, President Joe Biden said on August 14 that his predecessor had left the Taliban “in the strongest military position since 2001 “.

The next day, Trump responded to Biden, criticizing him for not “following the plan (the Trump administration) left for him.” On August 16, Trump released six statements denouncing Biden for the way he handled the crisis in Afghanistan, saying the outcome “would have been totally different” with a Trump administration in charge.

Trump then praised the Taliban during an appearance on Fox host Sean Hannity’s show on August 17, calling them “smart” and “good fighters.”

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