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Trudeau announces bill in response to protests outside hospitals

Annoyed by the protests against health measures, the Canadian Prime Minister, on the election campaign, wants a law to penalize the fact of “obstructing access to health care” and “intimidating and threatening a health professional “.

Justin Trudeau is stepping up a gear in the face of the anti-sanitary measures challenge in Canada. The Prime Minister announced in Vancouver on September 13 that “obstructing access to health care will become an offense, just like intimidating and threatening a health professional or anyone seeking care.”

In the campaign for his re-election to a third term, the leader of the liberal government proposed this bill in a context of increasing demonstrations in front of the hospitals of the country. “It’s a bit ridiculous” to get there, he conceded during an electoral trip to British Columbia, but he justified the measure as follows: “Health workers have made enormous sacrifices. to protect their families from harm, to serve the community, to keep us alive and now they need us to be there for them unequivocally ”.

Hospitals are not the only buildings affected by the bill, as are vaccination centers, screening centers, pharmacies and abortion clinics.

Isn’t there a hospital you should be disturbing right now?

Shortly after the announcement of the measure on September 13, Justin Trudeau lost his temper at a protester. While due to be interviewed outside the studios of Global News Channel in Vancouver, the Prime Minister had to perform the interview inside. In question, demonstrators in front of the premises of the media, who “persisted in shouting obscenities about Mr. Trudeau and his wife”, according to the agency The canadian press. “Isn’t there a hospital that you should be disturbing at the moment?”, Launched the head of government, placidly, before entering the building, according to the images of Global News and CBC News.

By calling these early elections in mid-August, Liberal Justin Trudeau hoped to be able to regain in the House of Commons the majority he had lost in the 2019 election. But six days before the election, the suspense is total since the polls place it in a pocket square with curator Erin O’Toole.

On the ground, Justin Trudeau is followed by a crowd of demonstrators angry at the sanitary measures at each electoral trip. One of them even threw gravel at him on September 6. On August 27, surrounded by demonstrators, he was forced to cancel an electoral rally.

At the dawn of the last week of the campaign, the two major parties are given between 30 and 34% of the voting intentions, and the New Democratic Party around 20%. If neither of the two parties which have alternated in power since 1867 is able to obtain a majority of the 338 seats in contention in the federal parliament, the winner will have to compose a minority government.

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