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[Tribune] “The French must invest in the economy” – Debates

“For more than a year, leaders have been walking on a crest line, calculate, think, question what will be best for their structure, their employees, their investors. But even Blaise Pascal observed it: all the riches of the Earth are insufficient without the consent of the imagination. More than ever, it will be necessary to be daring to take advantage of this unmistakable leap that will gain the French and world economic world, to enter with dignity in what could be the Ten Glorious Years.

Partial unemployment, guaranteed loans, postponement of tax deadlines, suspension of rents: for a year, the state has been providing businesses with absolutely vital aid to get through what will remain as one of the most striking crises of the beginning of this century. A crisis that had the disgust of mixing the economic, health, social and political, as we had never seen before. It is now time for companies to resume their activities and show their ability to take risks, to seize this burst of activity that is taking hold of everyone.

If the outlook for consumption remains timid for the times to come, if not for travel – since 44% of French households plan to travel in the summer of 2021 – the investment itself has quiet days. And this, through the effect of confinement and the democratization of investment. According to the Autorité des marchés financiers, some 400,000 French people took the route de la Bourse for the first time in 2020 and the average volumes of shares traded every day by individuals on Euronext more than doubled, from 200 to 500. Safe havens are more popular than ever. From rental property to the CAC 40, which, by the end of 2020, had achieved the feat of erasing the vertiginous fall suffered between February and March, French investors remain optimistic.

“We notice that companies that were in good health are even more so than before. They must be the leaders of a general impetus which must encourage the French to invest in the economy… ”

And it is this optimistic inspiration that must win the leaders as much as it won all those who had their eyes riveted on their screens, on April 23 and 24, to see Thomas Pesquet, our Yuri Gagarin and giver of hope. national, return a little closer to the stars.

Unanimously, we note that companies that were in good health are even more so than before. They must be the leaders of a general impetus which must encourage the French to invest in the economy, to seize this surge, to look to the future. Too many analyzes paralyze more than they entail. In a present where everything seems spied on, counted, dissected, in a present which frequently seeks correlations where there are not always, where we sometimes tend to surrationalize decision-making and the mechanism leading to This sometimes lacks the courage to act, the overconviction of good intuition. “To win big, you have to know how to take big risks,” said Bill Gates. To never stop calculating, isn’t that preventing yourself from taking the right risks? Good intuition often deserves better than running up against averages, standard deviations, numbers, boxes.

Luck favors the bold, Virgil supported him to talk about the birth of Rome. Leaders, have the audacity of Aeneas, make courage and daring your guides, our guides, and instill this courage which will lead us into a memorable period of the 21st century. “

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