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Trial of Nordahl Lelandais: “Sorry Arthur, sorry for your family”, says the accused – Murder of Arthur Noyer: Nordahl Lelandais in the assizes

For the second day of his murder trial, the accused traced the thread of that night of April 11 to 12, 2017 without varying from the version given to investigators during the investigation and the reconstruction: a fight for a futile motive that would have gone wrong in a parking lot in the suburbs of Chambery.

While evoking the body of Corporal Noyer lying on the ground, Nordahl Lelandais lowers his eyes, lets a silence pass, then declares, very moved, from his cubicle in front of the portrait of the corporal brought by the family: “Sorry Arthur. I know you are in front of me today. I say what happened. Sorry for your family who must be very sorry for what they hear, but I’m telling you the truth. “

“He told me that I was the one who stole his phone”

A few minutes earlier, he had told the story of that fatal night to the soldier in Chambéry. “As I left to go home, I saw a man, Arthur Noyer, who was at a roundabout, gesturing to stop me. “He lets him take his place in his gray car and drives him to Saint-Baldoph, near Chambéry, at the corporal’s request,” says Nordahl Lelandais. Then he says he stopped in a parking lot. “I sensed a certain nervousness” from the corporal.

A few minutes later, Arthur Noyer finally wants to return to Chambéry to “explain himself to the people who stole his phone”. “I tell him it’s useless,” says the accused, who puts his hand on the mobile remained in the passenger compartment. “Handing him the phone (…) he told me it was you who stole it!” », Says Lelandais.

“He punches me”

“He punches me,” then another. “From there starts a fight, I reply with punches, I fight”, continues the accused. Silence in the meeting room of Savoy. “At the moment, I don’t realize, but I see he fell. “I walk over to try to wake him up. I feel that there is no more movement on his part, ”he says, claiming to have improvised a cardiac massage.

Then he resumes his version of the instruction: he hesitates, then decides to put his body in his trunk, turns nearby, near a place he knew in Saint-Baldoph before taking the road to the Bauges massif. where he will deposit the corpse.

The shocked family

The accused stands on his version and the civil parties, not very sensitive to his apologies, are exceeded. “The grandfather was particularly shocked by what he heard, because he himself knows that it is not the truth. He says to himself that he says it with such aplomb, that he has prepared this version so well for four years and that he is so convinced by this version that it will never come out, ”reacted to the press Bernard Boulloud, lawyer for the Noyer family. “Unfortunately he will make the family suffer (…) until the end. We talked about a monster yesterday, there is still a monster in Lelandais that we are seeing today. “

“We can hope that the truth will be up to the task after these few days, I have a doubt, honestly, I have a doubt. As we have always said, we expect nothing from the accused, on the other, we expect everything from justice, that’s it, ”Didier Noyer, father of the victim, reacted earlier.

“I’ll make you eat the tiles!” “

Tuesday morning, the hearings devoted to the ex-women of the life of the accused painted the portrait ofa young man in love, very sexually active – including homosexual – who respects consent, flitting between stable companions and more or less followed sexual adventures. Some claimed to have been “afraid” of the accused on several occasions. One of them describes a “hard and violent rupture” accompanied by threats. “I’ll make you eat the tiles!” », He would have launched.

One of her last companions, unable to mention concrete facts, and very changeable in her statements, describes Nordahl Lelandais as a dangerous “mythomaniac” who “terrorized” her – a striking testimony, but shaken by the defense.

Nordahl Lelandais will be questioned on the night of the facts Thursday. Verdict expected around May 12.

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