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Trial of Nordahl Lelandais: “He was trying to kill me”, says an ex-girlfriend – France

The 41-year-old young woman, nicknamed in the press “Karine”, described in front of the Assize Court Nordahl Lelandais as an “aggressor”, while admitting to having had “feelings”, on the second day of the trial against his former companion for the murder of Arthur Noyer in April 2017.

“We had a very serious relationship” for a year and seven months “but with infidelities and interruptions. Then, losing her words in the midst of her tears, she claimed to be “terrified” by him. Nordahl Lelandais is “liar, liar, liar. And when he lies, sometimes there is no logic ”. She also describes him as “very very possessive, very clingy, very jealous.” “

“Is this revenge? “

“Karine” indicated to have lodged a complaint twice against the accused, ensuring that a procedure was still underway for acts of harassment. But the Advocate General herself said her complaints were dismissed. The woman in the white coat assured to learn it at the bar.

The president asks him: “Is this revenge?” Have you been influenced by everything you heard in the media? “She replies:” I lodged a complaint against him before the death of Maëlys De Araujo. What I am saying is true. “

“His face was cold and closed”

Earlier, the witness had told that at the time of their meeting the accused had told him that “he was French champion in Thai boxing and his father was a doctor”. “Grotesque lies”. She also tells, during the disintegration of their relationship at the end of 2016, at the beginning of 2017, having tried to warn another woman, with whom the accused was flirting, that she would be dealing with a dangerous and “mythomaniac” man.

The lawyer of the accused Alain Jakubowicz asks him if Nordahl Lelandais had “a word, a gesture, an act which was violent towards (his) towards”. “His face was cold and closed,” she says as the only response.

The morning opened, with less passion, with the testimony of a woman who, aged 17 to 20 – between 2012 and 2015 – regularly found Nordahl Lelandais in her car to make love. “We saw each other. We knew what we had to do, and what to do next time, ”she said laconically in court.

Jealousy, threat, frustration

Another, who lived with him for two months, recounts a “hard and violent break” with Nordahl Lelandais. “We were on the same wavelength,” she says, acknowledging the intense and always consented sexual activity. In a few months, she notices the arrival of jealousy, sometimes frustration, before he threatens her with rage during the breakup.

The last witness of the morning, a man in his thirties, recounted the few sexual relations he had with the accused from October 2016 and which were, to his knowledge, the first homosexual relations by Nordahl Lelandais.

During their first meeting, the witness in latex outfit was transported in the trunk of Lelandais’ car before sex with dildos and handcuffs on the shores of a lake in the Chambéry region. Embarrassed at the bar, he affirms not to have “felt in danger” before saying out loud: “I could very well have ended up like Corporal Noyer”.

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