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The host of “The Daily Show” pointed to a tweet from 2019 in which Cruz boasted that “the success of TX Energy … has been built for many years on the principles of free enterprise and the weak. regulations. “

But Cruz – facing a PR nightmare after traveling to Cancun to escape harsh conditions and rush home to control the damage – “found out that the regulations maybe not that bad,” Noah said. .

The host pointed to a tweet from Cruz from Sunday expressing his outrage at the price hike. “This is BAD,” wrote the besieged lawmaker. “No electricity company should benefit from a windfall due to a natural disaster.” He called the “ridiculous rate increases” an “injustice”.

In a mock accent like Cruz, Noah snapped, “The only Texan who should be hammered is me – at the hotel bar in Cancun.

Noah went back to his own voice and said, “So Ted Cruz reversed his stance on regulation as if it were a flight path to Mexico.”

Fast forward to 3:00 am for the removal of Cruz by Noah.


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