Transgender activists fight to ‘normalize the Ardennes’

Three types of transgender people argue over the transgender demand that female-looking men who flaunt their crotch bulges should be treated like normal women.

Dylan Mulvaney is a gay man who now says he is a transgender woman. He and like-minded radical activists are trying to redefine the civic understanding of women to include surgically intact men embracing feminine clothing and styles saying, “We are coming into bikini season and you might see a bulge or two, then normalize the bulge!’

Mulvaney’s campaign was given a boost when President Joe Biden recently met him at the White House – despite Mulvaney’s demeaning dismissal of women’s female organs as “Barbie Pocket” or “Barbie Pouch”.

Instagram/Dylan Mulvaney

Mulvaney’s claim to “normalize the bulge” is disputed by many activists, including Caitlyn Jenner, a heterosexual and former Olympic athlete who now lives as a woman. Jenner, who would date women, tweeted its rejection on October 27:

There is a difference between acceptance and tolerance, and normalizing the exposure of your genitals in public and in a public place. I totally disagree with that, at all. Dylan… congratulations [you’re] trans with a penis.

The claim that women can have “bulges” is also disputed by a former transgender woman, Chloe Cole.

She was a distraught teenager when she insisted she was a boy and demanded that her breasts be cut from her body. She has reclaimed her female identity and is advocating for restrictions on gender reassignment treatment.

Mulvaney “tries to mimic the look and personality of a teenage girl, which is an experience he’ll never have because he’s biologically male,” Cole said. Turning Point USA’s Frontlines. “He will never understand what it means to grow up as a woman. It’s very disturbing.

Cole explained how she fell into the transgender trend even before she was 13 and hit puberty:

I was seeing all these images on social media, like super curvy, super grown women… I was just presented with this image of what a woman or a girl was supposed to look like. And I just started thinking “Is there something wrong with me?” I thought I had looked like a boy for a very long time.

The triangular struggle shines a light on different groups within the transgender debate, said Natasha Chart, a leading feminist voice against transgender ideology. She told Breitbart News:

Usually heterosexual men who want to call themselves women are [clinically termed] autogynephiles. They are in love with the idea of ​​themselves as [an attractive] women.

Then there is [some effeminate male] homosexuals – transgender was the oldest term for them – and those… tend to have a lot of what we would consider feminine traits. I think that’s what people generally assume about the term “trans woman” – a gay man who is very obviously non-conforming [to average male behavior] and has trouble fitting in.

In other statements, Mulvaney echoes the “chicken” subculture of transgender men who pretend to be women because they are sexually submissive. “It is extremely insulting for Mulvaney to pretend to be a woman,” said Anna Slatz, founder of Reduxx.

Graphic continued:

And then there are the “dysphoric” girls. I’m sure it’s a lot of different things – but teenage girls have been uncomfortable being teenage girls as long as we recorded anything of their thoughts, as long as there were modern sociological or psychiatric literature or just written novels… So there’s a lot of different reasons why a girl might think it’s best to try to be a voice, but that won’t have anything to do with the fact to be a straight man who has a fetish or to be a gay man…

Biology decides who is male or female, not advocacy, Chart said:

Determining human sex – male or female – has nothing to do with anything other than your reproductive anatomy, whether your body is formed around sperm production to produce eggs. It’s your gender.

And whatever you do or don’t do, or like or dislike, or whatever type of personality you have, has nothing to do with the sex you are. It does not matter. It doesn’t fit in…. Your sex-class [male or female] the determination begins with the types of gonads your body was aiming to produce… If you are supposed to have ovaries, you are a woman. If you’re supposed to have testicles, your male. That’s it.

Mulvaney’s talk of “normalizing ‘women’ with bulges” is misleading, Chart said. “People just can’t change [sex and] articles need to be honest with their readers about it and stop pretending that this stuff is real.

In contrast, transgender activists are demanding that the government declare that each person’s male or female sex will be determined by their inner, unverifiable “gender identity.”

This demand for identity before biology would allow men to freely violate the myriad civic and legal norms that allow women to preserve the single-sex institutions that help them manage their lives alongside men.

These institutions include single-sex bathrooms and showers, a teenage society, K-12 classrooms, athletic and status competitions, and same-sex mentors, teachers, and security checks, as well as women-centered medical care, clubs, and political movements.

Cole is now a successful campaigner for the brakes on transgender advocacy and medical procedures.

More and more apolitical heterosexual women are speaking out against transgender demand for changes in the laws to help men enter society and women’s institutions:


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