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Town of Buckhead Likely Financially Feasible, Report Says |  New

ATLANTA (CBS46) – A report has revealed that the town of Buckhead is likely to be financially feasible.

The report examined the income and expenses of the potential new city and offers evidence based on the available data.

The report says the proposed town of Buckhead would expect annual income of about $ 203,521,892 and annual expenses of about $ 89,921,825, which would result in a surplus of $ 113 million.

The report does not address other criteria, including social, political and governance issues.

The report was prepared by Valdosta State University and the South Georgia Regional Impact Center and does not provide any “prescriptive judgment” on whether or not the city of Buckhead should move forward. to incorporate. He only looked at the financial viability of the new city.


In addition, the study is not intended to be a budget model for a new city.

The report’s authors say the study is intended to provide members of the House’s government affairs committee, members of the General Assembly and the public with “accurate” information to help explore fiscal feasibility. .

The legal process for Buckhead to become his own town began earlier this year.

Many people hope that making Buckhead a town will help solve the growing problem of crime in the area and preserve the community’s “park-like setting”.

Georgia Rep. Todd Jones (R-South Forsyth) also tabled legislation in support of the idea, putting it on the agenda for the 2022 session.

The Committee for a United Atlanta is against the idea. The group says it was formed because it believes in the need to bring Buckhead’s attention to the upcoming municipal elections in November.

The Buckhead Scouting Committee, now known as the Town of Buckhead Committee, was formed last fall to consider whether becoming a separate jurisdiction is a possibility.

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