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Toni Bou assures that “going to the Dakar to do it well would be certain death”

The Barcelona rider Toni Bou (Montesa HRC) was proclaimed X-Trial World Champion for the fifteenth consecutive time by winning this Sunday the 44th edition of the Barcelona Indoor Trial, which was held at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona against 6,100 viewers. EFE / Quique García

Madrid, Nov 23 (EFE) .- The Spanish Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa Honda), who this weekend won his thirtieth world title and fifteenth indoor (X-Trial) recognizes that he is not interested in contesting the Dakar. “Going to another discipline just to enjoy it is difficult for someone as competitive as me; going to the Dakar to do it well would be certain death,” he argues.
Toni Bou pointed out in an interview, during his visit to the headquarters of the EFE Agency, about the fact that other riders, such as the Italian Danilo Petrucci, until this season a MotoGP rider, or the Spanish Superbike world champion Carlos Checa , who will compete in the 2022 Dakar Rally, that he does not think he had much fun and that it is a competition that does not appeal to him.
“I don’t think I had much fun doing the Dakar, in the end after everything I have done I realize that I like it, but as soon as I do it four or five days in a row or when I am training as if it were in my discipline, no It fills me as much as mine, perhaps because I don’t have the level you have when you are at a ‘top’ level, “the Repsol rider explains in this regard.
“When you come from a very high level, to be winning, to constantly kiss success as you could say, to move to another discipline just to enjoy, it is difficult for someone as competitive as me and, as I have said many times, to go to the Dakar To do it well it would be certain death, because it is very dangerous and the first years you have to be very careful and learn, and that would cost me a lot “.
Question: Are you more technical than ‘tap’ (acceleration)?
Answer: “I’m a ‘tap’, but I don’t think the Dakar is a ‘tap’, an adrenaline rush, because I think it’s many hours, yes you go 180 km / h, but you don’t go with adrenaline like in Supercross. I like more the adrenaline of the moment, something more explosive, let’s say, something that lasts so long and so long does not appeal to me “.
Question: are 30 world titles enough or are you looking for a sporting milestone unattainable for the rest of your rivals?
Answer: “It has crossed my mind for a long time and it is true that we have already achieved much more than we ever could have imagined, but in the end we are athletes and we always think about achieving the maximum that we can during our sports career. Although always I have said that 30 was not a goal, yes that in recent years maybe it has been, because I saw that we were getting closer. Try to get the maximum and there will be room, but looking for other numbers would be to go overboard. I even think that with thirty we have already passed it. It’s amazing! But I think you have to enjoy it and think about getting the maximum, without more. “
Question: Do you think you know where the limit is? How much is left at the highest level in a specialty like trial?
Answer: “I do not know, but it is true that I have considered it, especially when I have had an injury, since when you have injuries you consider all things a little more and recoveries, as you well know are very hard and There, a lot of things go through your head and it is difficult to get back to the same level. In particular when you are well, as it happens to us now, when everything seems much easier and that can last a lifetime. The reality is not that. , since each time it costs a little more to recover, it costs a little more to start things and that is why we have to see, but while I am in shape we have to continue because I still have three years of contract and the objective is to fulfill them at the highest level ” .
Question: Three more years of contract to two world titles per season is six more world titles …
Answer: (Smiles) We don’t do the math like that! They are fifteen years at the highest level and consecutive in which everything has turned out very round, but at some point it has to be lost. We always want more, but I believe that we have already surpassed ourselves many times and that one day we will have to lose and losing does not mean not winning again, because in the end the normal thing in sport is to lose and then win again. But what we have had to live is incredibly lucky and I think we have been super lucky and what we have to do is enjoy it. “
Question: Do you know differently to win a world title with just two races? (X-Trial World Championship)
Answer: “Yes, I think so. For going back to running on the indoor track after more than a year and for many more reasons. For the fact that there are only two races, in which any mistake would leave us out of the race. fight for the title; winning the first race already forced you to eliminate Adam -Adam Raga- as it happened or to win the races, so yes, it was hard, a complicated championship for us and the truth is that I was surprised by the We are looking forward to it again because we have worked a lot, but it was very uncomfortable for us because we had a lot to lose. “
Question: What does Toni Bou want to be after Toni Bou and world trial champion?
Answer: “Let’s see, what is certain is that I would like to continue linked to this team and this sport, but we will have to see the opportunities that arise and how things are, but what is clear is that we have ridden A small team together with Jordi Pascuet, I am doing things that are thinking about the future and that are always linked to the engine “.
Question Next goals?
Answer: “Now rest, we will see if I remove a plate that they put on my fibula intervention, now we will decide it, but we will rest a few weeks to start a preseason to reach the next World Cup.”
Juan Antonio Lladós

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