Tomás Fonzi recalled the time he jumped with a parachute and something went wrong: “I jumped 4,000 meters high”

The actor recalled a traumatic experience in the heights, which fortunately ended with everyone safe and sound

Like every Saturday night Andy Kusnetzoff received five guests in PH, can we talk (Telefe), and recounted some of their experiences at the famous meeting point. On this occasion, Florencia Torrente, Emiliano Pinsón, Nati Jota, Javier pupi Zanetti, and Thomas Fonz, in a relaxed talk that had moments of laughter, emotion and surprises. The actor stepped forward when the driver asked them to come closer those who “once felt very afraid”, and recalled the day he parachuted.

“At one time I was adept at jumping out of planes, I did several baptism jumps”revealed the runner-up of the third edition of Master Chef Celebrityreferring to the so-called “jump tandem”, where the jumper throws himself from a height of 3,000 meters in a fall of no more than 45 seconds, with a double harness together with an authorized instructor. While everyone looked at him in amazement, Fonzi said that at that time he had decided to take a course to enter the world of skydiving.

“Already in the second or third jump you fall for a minute in free fall, from 4000 meters high; and at one point the guy who was getting off with me started yelling at me: ‘No, open it, don’t open it!’”, he explained, leaving the driver stunned. Then he assured that while he was in the air he thought it was a joke from the man who was with him, and he took it with humor, until he looked up: “I see the parachute tied in a knot, and we were still falling at full speed”.

Tomás Fonzi said present at PH, We can talk and told a shocking anecdote

“Nope! But if that doesn’t get fixed, you die!” Kusnetzoff commented desperately, and the actor calmed down with the outcome of the anecdote. “At one point it finally opens, the same one that was entangled, it was not necessary to try to open the other one that the instructor had”, he remembered. However, in those seconds that were eternal, she realized that it had not been a joke, but a real inconvenience.

“About fifteen more people had jumped out of the plane, and I realized that we had opened the parachute much lower when I saw everyone very high, far from us,” he said. As for the slogan that led him to the meeting point, he acknowledged that he felt fear when he touched solid ground again. “When I get to the floor and they all start to fall much later, that’s where the chip fell on me; My blood pressure dropped, I hyperventilated. I had some kind of panic attack because there in five minutes I thought everything heor what could have happened, ”he reflected.

After hearing such a story, Andy wanted to know if he had ever jumped again after that traumatic experience. Dolores Fonzi’s brother’s response left him even more perplexed: “Yes, then I jumped back”. Between disbelief and indignation, the driver asked him why he decided to do it again.

“Because I wanted to do the course, the whole thing interested me, but then I got lazy,” he admitted. In any case, she clarified that in the present she no longer has the same certainty: “Now I wouldn’t jump anymore, I think, but it’s a unique experience.” By way of closing, Kusnetzoff assured that he would not be encouraged: “I am not going to parachute because I do not want to be just that one case that is the exception of something going wrong.”


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