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Tom Brady does a subtle dig at election deniers in White House speech

As he celebrated his Super Bowl victory at the White House, Tom brady makes a joke about those who keep denying the president Joe biden won the 2020 US presidential election.

“It was actually really tough seasons for a lot of reasons, but we bonded,” the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback said of his team in his July 20 speech. “We worked really hard, we put all of our individual agendas aside and came together as a team.”

Brady, 43, explained how his “struggling” team triumphed, despite their 7-5 records and fans’ doubts. “We found our rhythm. We went for it. Not many people, you know, think we could have won,” he said.

Then he compared his own Super Bowl skeptics to election deniers, who doubt the results of the presidential race.

“I actually think about 40% of people still don’t think we won,” Brady said. Biden intervened, “I understand that.”

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