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Tokyo Olympics: “The Cursed Games”

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On the front page of the press, this Thursday, July 22, the commemorations, today, in Norway, of the attack on Oslo and Utoya, ten years ago, which left 77 dead. The opening, tomorrow, of the Tokyo Olympics, in a gloomy atmosphere, against a background of pandemic and controversy. And the consequences of the “pingdemic” in the UK.

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On the front page of the press this morning, the commemorations, today, in Norway, of the attack on Oslo and Utoya, which left 77 dead ten years ago.

“Let us never forget”, headline this morning the newspaper Aftenposten, with a red rose under the names of the victims – a rose for the 77 people murdered by neo-Nazi Anders Breivik. Ten years later, “something must always be repaired”, writes the newspaper, which estimates the sentence of Breivik to 21 years of prison did not allow, however, to make the trial of the extremist ideology behind his act. The newspaper Dagsavisen he accuses the Norwegian company of having “let down” the survivors of the attacks of July 22, 2011 and speaks of a mourning which still seems impossible, 10 years later. “Today, it has been exactly ten years since our country was struck by an evil that we could hardly understand. The atrocities committed that day were so shocking, both in their gravity and in their magnitude, that it is still difficult to accept them, and it is still painful, almost unbearable, even today, to read the names and to look at the photos of the 77 murdered victims ”.

On the front page of the press, also, the opening ceremony, tomorrow, of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, against a background of pandemic and controversy. Originally presented as the event which was to prove to the whole world the “reconstruction”, the “cure” of Japan after the Fukushima disaster of 2011, the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear accident that followed, these Olympic Games opened 10 years later in a gloomy atmosphere, according to The Japan Times, which recalls the hostility of the vast majority of Japanese towards the holding of the event, which they fear, in particular, that it will ignite the epidemic. The daily also reports fears for the health of athletes, due to weather conditions, these Olympics promising to be among the hottest and wettest in the history of competition. “Jo postponed for a year, weighed down by an additional cost, haunted by the virus and without an audience”: the Swiss daily The weather evokes “cursed games”, “organized almost on the sly”, “without contact” and very probably “tasteless”. Games, maintained against all odds, “lacking in meaning”. “The problem is not whether these Games are happening or not. The problem is that the question never really arose, ”regrets the newspaper.

In the UK, the spread of the delta variant is forcing many Britons to self-isolate. Across the Channel the phenomenon has grown to such an extent that the media are now talking about a “pingdemic”, a word formed by two others, the word or rather the sound “ping”, in reference to the notification, on the telephones, of the services. health, to alert people identified as contact cases, and the word “pandemic”, which means “pandemic” in English. This “pingdemic” is causing cascading problems. “Closure replaces confinement”, headline this morning The I, who reports that the increasing number of solitary confinements of people declared contact cases has consequences “both on their work and their private life”. The newspaper reports supply difficulties in stores, in the transport, tourism, production, health and police sectors. “Shelf insulation”, ironically the free Subway, in reference, this time, to the empty shelves because of the self-isolation, “self-isolation”, of the workers – who can no longer, suddenly, supply the shops, in particular, with hydro-alcoholic gel …

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