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Tokyo 2020. What is the record of the French halfway through the Olympic Games?  – Tokyo 2020

A look at the medal table is enough to judge the average performance of the Blues at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The France team is in 9th place with only three gold medals. Halfway through, the record remains relatively poor compared to previous Olympics and, above all, several favorites for the Olympic title have suffered great disappointment.

Better than 2004 … much worse than 2000

Whether in number of titles or simply in charms, the French team, after a week of trials, is showing a lower record than during the last Olympic Games: never, since 2004, have so few medals been won in halfway: only nine in Athens, but seven titles!

In 2016, the record was 17 medals. It was even 18 in London and Beijing (2012 and 2008). To find traces of the French team’s best debut at the Olympic Games, we have to go back to Atlanta 1996 (19 medals) and especially Sydney 2000 (22 medals including eight gold).

Big disappointments among the favorites of the France team

The difficult tricolor record is also explained by the – many – disillusions of the leaders of the delegation. In triathlon, Vincent Luis, reigning double world champion, did not manage to get on the box, even finishing quite far, in 13th place and 1 ‘on the podium. The next day, big contenders for the title in cross-country, mountain bikers Loana Lecomte and Pauline Ferrand-Prévot ended up far from the Swiss trio.

The French Loana Lecomte was expected at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, but did not meet expectations in mountain biking. (Photo Greg Baker / AFP)

And then, this Friday, despite their presence in the BMX final, neither Joris Daudet, nor Sylvain André, nor Romain Mahieu allowed the Blues to win a new medal, nor the French swordsmen by team, beaten in quarterfinals. final. So many potential Olympic titles and above all probable medals which are lacking, halfway through, to make this French record satisfactory.

The results of the French team at the Olympic Games halfway through the competition

2020: 3 gold – 5 silver – 5 bronze: 13 medals

2016: 5 gold – 7 silver – 5 bronze: 17 medals

2012: 7 gold – 5 silver – 6 bronze: 18 medals

2008: 3 gold – 8 silver – 7 bronze: 18 medals

2004: 7 gold – 1 silver – 1 bronze: 9 medals

2000: 8 gold – 10 silver – 4 bronze: 22 medals

1996: 7 gold – 5 silver – 7 bronze – 19 medals

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