Tokido’s first Akuma gameplay impressions after trying next Street Fighter 6 DLC early, unsure if the demon is a total powerhouse

Instead, it might fall more on the technical side in its new incarnation.

There are certain players in the fighting game community who become intrinsically tied to a particular character that they are successful with, and in cases where there is a big comeback like this, people want to know about it. think.

Rohto|Tokido just released a new video detailing his first gameplay impressions after trying out Akuma during the first Street Fighter 6 preview event taking place in Japan, and he has a lot to say about his favorite demon.

One of the first things he did was perform a walking speed test where he discovered that Akuma was faster than Chun-Li, which probably puts him in the upper category when it comes to movement in this regard.

As previously suspected, casting experiments also showed that its total vitality would be around 9,000.

He came away unsure of how powerful Akuma would be with his new moves/abilities since the top competitor hadn’t learned how to fully integrate them into his combos and style.

Tokido thinks Akuma’s crouching medium kick is pretty strong with about the same range as Ken’s and maybe also around a 7 frame startup like him.

His heavy punch is also similar to Ken’s and a good cancel button while a forward heavy punch leads to a damaging target combo with some corner carry.

He notes that Light Gohadouken has a slow start but short recovery, while Heavy is fast but more punishing and believes they reach the entire screen unlike Street Fighter 5.

His red fireball has multiple charge levels and believes Akuma was able to get more block frames with a two-shot charged projectile.

Tokido thinks his new special Shakunetsu Messhou will be good near the corner with high damage potential and follow-up attacks perhaps similar to Ryu’s donkey kick. He says he can’t wait to play with it more.

According to him, Super Art 2 has a short range, so it might miss when trying to use it for punishments.

He is unsure if Akuma can combo the Anti-Air Shoryuken in Super Art 3, but notes that it seems to do a lot of damage.

As was noted by others during the trial, opponents cannot break out of Raging Demon’s startup if they are already in range, and Tokido estimates that the raw damage is still very high, at least 4000 or so.

One potentially scary thing, Tokido says, is that he was able to easily go from raw Drive Rush to Shun Gokusatsu, so that will be something to watch out for.

In the end, Tokido came away feeling like Akuma might be a technical character who can’t be controlled easily and focuses more on high speed rather than raw power in SF6, but he can’t be one sure without learning more about his new combo structure. and how his whole kit comes together.

It looks like the damage could still be significant, although Capcom is putting more emphasis on speed of execution with even more options than before.

He points out that this was a pre-release demo setup, so some of this information may not be accurate to the state of Akuma when it launches later this month.

Tokido was also recently interviewed by Justin Wong where he had some interesting things to say about the whole ongoing discussion about new and old fighting games.

You can check out Tokido’s full video below, which includes English subtitles. However, these are not always the most accurate, so we have translated and collected the most interesting observations from the story here.

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