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To lift sanctions, Taliban warns of influx of refugees – RT en français


The Taliban are currently negotiating in Doha with the West in order to lift the sanctions currently affecting the country. Afghan officials have warned of an influx of refugees if the country’s economy collapses.

The new Taliban government in Afghanistan has warned American and European envoys that attempts to pressure, in the form of sanctions, could trigger a wave of economic refugees.

Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi told Western diplomats during their meetings in recent days in Doha that “weakening the Afghan government is not in anyone’s interest, because it could directly affect the world in the security sector and lead to economic migration to flee the country, ”according to a statement released on the evening of October 12.

European countries fear collapse of Afghan economy

The Taliban overthrew the US-backed Afghan government in August, after a twenty-year conflict, and declared an Islamic Emirate.

Strict international sanctions have been imposed on the country: banks are strapped for cash and civil servants are unpaid.

According to the statement, Amir Khan Muttaqi told the Doha meeting: “We urge the countries of the world to end the sanctions and let the banks operate normally, so that charities and the government can pay their salaries. personnel with their own reserves and international aid ”.

European countries, in particular, fear that if the Afghan economy collapses, many migrants will leave for Europe, putting pressure on neighboring states like Pakistan and Iran, and ultimately on borders. of the EU.

Washington and the EU have said they are ready to support humanitarian initiatives in Afghanistan, but are reluctant to provide direct support to the Taliban without guarantees that they will respect human rights, especially those of women.


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