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Tired of taxes and health restrictions?  Rapper 50 Cent moves to Texas

New York rapper 50 Cent announced on social media that he has now moved to Houston, Texas. While he did not provide an explanation, he has in the past criticized the tax hike and anti-covid measures in force in New York.

Tax and health exile? This is in any case what suggests the short message left by rapper 50 Cent to the address of his fans on social networks on May 4. “I love NY [New York], but i live in houston [Texas] from now on, I will explain [ça] later […] BOOM, ”he said.

If he did not give a reason for this departure immediately, he had openly mentioned this possibility in a message posted a few weeks earlier on his Instagram account. “I’m going to Texas, don’t give a fuck … Lol,” he wrote in March accompanying his statement with the screenshot of an article explaining that the governor of Texas was ending the sanitary measures and the obligation wearing the mask. Previously in February, the rapper was pinned for participating in a clandestine party to celebrate the Super Bowl (American football league final), without a mask, in a private hangar at the Saint-Petersburg airfield in Florida.

50 Cent could especially, like many entrepreneurs, leave New York for tax reasons, Texas does not apply income tax. The authorities of the State of New York in April raised the taxes of the richest (more than 215,400 dollars of income per year and per household) by 20%, while lowering slightly those of the middle classes.

During the presidential campaign, the rapper had supported Donald Trump for tax considerations: “Yeah, I don’t want to become 20 Cent. 62% [d’imposition à New York] it is a very, very bad idea ”, he had in particular tweeted on Joe Biden’s tax program, Oct. 20.

“What is this mess ? [Votez Trump] I’m breaking! Don’t give a fuck about New York […] I don’t care that Trump doesn’t like black people, 62% have you gone crazy? ”He said on Instagram.

The phenomenon of internal tax exile is growing in the United States, with the wealthiest businessmen and Americans leaving California for the more favorable tax shores of Texas or Florida. So, Tesla and Space X boss Elon Musk has expressed interest in moving his business from California to Texas “Please consider moving to Starbase [ville qu’Elon Musk veut développer au Texas] or even better in the Brownsville / South Padre area and encourage your friends to do it, ”the businessman tweeted at the end of March, promising hiring at Space X.

In December, AFP reported that Goldman Sachs bank was also considering a move to Florida, which Elliott Management fund had already resolved to move its headquarters to West Palm Beach, while investment firms Blackstone and Citadel had decided to increase their presence there.

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