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Timothée Chalamet shares preview of hilarious group chat on Dune

The stars of Dune have entered the chat and they have something to say about each other.

With a screenshot posted to her Instagram Stories on October 13, Timothée Chalamet let fans know that he and his co-stars in the highly anticipated sci-fi drama including Oscar Issac and Josh brolin, have developed quite the quirky friendship.

Like an SMS exchange, the stars seem to mock their recent Weekly entertainment cover (Timothy shared the image just before), since Oscar pointed out that the three, along with the co-star Javier bardem, “looks like a REALLY s – tty group.” Josh then sounded playfully with a slight correction, writing, “We ARE a really s – tty band.”

And, to be fair, the quartet posing in a grassy field Is evoke a certain quality of tape.

In addition to winning brothers who look like boy bands, Timothy explained to the point of sale how much shooting the film (based on the 1965 novel of the same name) meant to him.