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TikTok inspired the creation of this unique self-tanning product

founder of paradise island Jules Von Hep shared some expert tanning tips for getting the most out of the brand’s latest product.
Before applying
Be sure to put a towel on the floor to stand up on during the application.
• Moisturize hands, elbows, knees and feet to prevent unwanted buildup of product (these areas tend to be drier, so they absorb product more easily).
• Add lip balm to nails / cuticles.
• Wear a shower cap so that the self-tanning water does not get into your hair.

During application
• Always hold the fogger at least 6 inches from your body and move at a continuous speed to ensure even coverage.
• When spraying your face, spray in three sections in vertical movements (left, middle and right side of face).
• To create an even transition from face to neck, tilt head back and spray diagonally across neck area.

Publish the application
• Polish the back of your wrists by rubbing them on a towel.
• Make sure the water has dried on your skin before putting on your clothes.