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Tiffany Moon ‘grateful’ for support amid Kameron Westcott family drama

Chart came to the court’s defense, add, “Notice how each person comments and not a single one repudiates their underlying point, that ‘anti-racist’ training teaches and advocates discrimination on the basis of skin color.”

“Dude, I really have to scare @tiffanymoonmd if she needs to block me for no reason”, sharing in another post. “I spoke to her twice, once when she was drunk at my house, but needed to get home to work early. I wonder if she got a hangover while working on her patients?

At that time, the court has since deactivated his Twitter account. E! News has also reached out to representatives for Kameron for comment and we have yet to receive a response.

In response to messages she received from the Westcotts, Tiffany’s lawyer Andrew Brettler from Lavely and Singer says Variety, “The innuendoes the Westcotts have made in these tweets are reckless, defamatory and appalling.”

“Dr. Moon is a professional in every sense of the word and deserves the excellent reputation she has earned as a physician and as a hard working mother,” Andrew continued. “These attacks on his character will not be tolerated. The Westcotts would be well advised to keep mentions of Dr. Moon out of their social media feeds.”

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