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Thousands attend a benefit concert for Sgt.  Nick Risner’s family


SHEFFIELD, Alabama – The Shoals showed up and showed themselves in the best way, with live music. It was for a benefit concert at Riverfront Park to support the family of the late Sheffield Police Sergeant Nick Risner.

Award-winning country music group Shenandoah quickly organized the concert as a way to give back to Sgt. Risner’s family in case of need.

“They have to be able to focus on what they need to do and that’s about them, improving themselves in the grief they’ve been in for a little while,” the Shenandoah lead singer said, Marty Raybon.

Raybon said after the tragic loss of Sgt. Risner, the last thing the family should have to worry about are bills and other expenses.

Raybon added that the concert which went on as quickly as it did is a reflection of the heart of the Shoals community.

“I knew full well that all I would have to do was make a few phone calls,” Raybon said. “That’s how people are here. This is how we help each other.

Those few phone calls brought together an award-winning team of exceptional musicians, who have also made The Shoals their home, including Travis Wammack, Gary Baker and Lenny LeBlanc.

The concert itself was free but donations were encouraged at the door.

“It’s not even about the musicians or anything like that,” Raybon explained. “We have received all kinds of help. We were offered food, ‘What do you all need to drink over there, man? We’ll bring water, Coca Cola, whatever, man; we will bring coolers there, whatever you need. These are just people who want to do everything in their power to express their gratitude for this event and their gratitude to Officer Risner.

If you were unable to attend the concert, donations are also accepted virtually on a GoFundMe page. By 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night, this GoFundMe had raised just over $ 34,000.