This self-transforming Transformers Megatron is as badass as it is expensive

Three years later, Optimus Prime, who transforms, dances, drives, talks and attacks, finally has a villain to fight. Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons, is about to arrive. For $1,200 – $899 until May 25 – its robot partner Robosen has created what might be the best self-converting transformer yet.

Just to make sure you understand correctly: this bot automatically transforms in a badass remote controlled tank with a gigantic self-extending cannon that can actually fire projectiles – SO stands up and speaks over 270 phrases from original Megatron voice actor Frank Welker while doing all kinds of tricks.

Here, bask in the glory of childhood imagination come true:

Did I mention it also responds to many voice commands?

I’ve been playing with Megatron for half a day now, and it’s mostly awesome. Not only does its 36 servo motors and 118 microchips allow the 21-inch-tall robot to perform all kinds of routines, but it also has more engaging play features than Optimus or the Dinobot Grimlock, thanks to a better set of weapons, 112 bright LEDs, and intriguing new joints for its servos to actuate.

When you power up the Fusion Cannon, permanently attached to Megatron’s arm, it doesn’t just rotate a black plastic accessory: three joints allow the cannon to shake as it “charges,” giving it hindsightwhile the LEDs deliciously illuminate its innards.

Both the light sword and the new flail (yes, this robot can actually swing a spiked rubber ball on a chain!) have twist-off pommels, so you can easily slip them into Megatron’s hands while attaching them as well.

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And when Megatron falls – and that will falls, I’m afraid, he’s finally smart enough to get up on his own.

Robosen even addressed one of my biggest complaints about Optimus: Megatron’s leg servos were stiff enough that you could possibly leave the robot standing on a shelf when it was powered off. And I like how Megatron talks about Energon production and lights up a five-LED charging indicator when you plug in the USB-C cable.

The robot’s servos are now almost all hidden behind nifty spring-loaded plastic flaps – and one of them even automatically rotates the Decepticon logo when Megatron comes out of tank mode.

As cool as it is, the toy could definitely use more work before it ships in the third quarter, and based on previous launches, I’m not completely sure it will do all that work.

This is the third Robosen robot I’ve tried with a confusing and slightly buggy app that makes custom programming very difficult and creates all kinds of delays even if you just try to remotely control the tank. It still doesn’t give you access to all joints when creating custom movements and poses. And its voice command recognition system is still poor: more than half of the time, the robot does not respond correctly.

My test robot also had more fundamental issues, like a tendency to… fall and forget some of its settings after powering back on or keep repeating the same voice line in voice command mode without me asking. The flail actually collapsed after the first 10 hits or so, because one of its chain links was too loose. I hope some of these don’t make it to mass production, but I think it’s worth telling you.

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And also know that, like the previous robots, they are exclusively intended for use on smooth, hard floors: it constantly scrapes parts of itself on the floor to walk, turn, transform and get up, and the Most don’t work on the ground. carpet. While you can driving its very noisy rubber treads on slopes or on thin carpet, I could not turn on soft surfaces: I badly snagged one of its rubber treads while trying to turn the tank on a carpet.

But like Optimus, who had his problems, none of that killed my enthusiasm. This is one of the coolest toy lines ever created; I just want them to be even better.

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