This Mother’s Day, Mama Bears Really Want These Three Things

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As the millennial “Mama Bear” for four school-aged children, let me tell you what Mama Bears want more than anything else this Mother’s Day.

First, we want special interest groups to stop imposing their toxic awakening on our children. As Mama Bears, one of our most important jobs is to protect our children, which includes protecting their innocence from radical special interest groups who champion a progressive agenda.


Daughter surprising pregnant mother on mothers day, with bouquet and greeting card

Mama Bears will not sit idly by and let Disney or any other woke society indoctrinate our children into transgender ideology. Once family-friendly, Disney executives boasted they had ‘added homosexuality’ wherever they could and planned to make at least half of all future characters ‘transgender’ or racial minorities. by the end of this year.

We will not remain silent while our children are exposed to inappropriate sexual material at school. If discussing sex in the workplace is considered discriminatory and illegal, why are sexual conversations forced on our children at school?

In any other context, a secret and private sexual conversation between an adult and a child indicates possible sexual abuse. But, in public schools today, these methods and discussions are celebrated. It has to stop.

Stop pushing dangerous programs on our children, like CRT, which teaches them to be racist. We reject the idea that skin color alone indicates racism. We echo the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., and we too dream that our children will “live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

We are raising our children to look much further than skin pigmentation to determine another person’s true character. A person’s tendency to act with integrity, honesty, reliability, responsibility and fairness – these are qualities that define people, not just skin color. And these are the truths that we will teach our children.

Secondwe want our authority as parents to be respected as we direct the moral upbringing, education, and medical decision-making of our children.
We will raise our children according to our religious beliefs and convictions. Woke interest groups may disagree with our beliefs, but their radical views do not override our parental rights. In America, our rights as parents are given to us by our Creator, not by the state.

Parental authority is not a right bestowed on us by a benevolent government, but a God-given responsibility to protect and promote what is in the best interests of our children.

We will participate in the education of our children and determine what program is or is not appropriate for our children. Whether private, government run or chartered, we reserve the right to have a say in how they are educated. And we will hold these school boards accountable.

As parents, we have the final say in medical decisions for our minor children. We reject medical coercion and will fight for medical freedom and the protection of our children. We will not allow woke educators to brainwash our children and secretly conspire behind our backs to change gender at school.

While the woke cultural elites like to suggest that the “professionals” know what is best for our children, they are wrong. We are not backward, uneducated or child-unfriendly – ​​contrary to what the left believes. Our children do not need “protection” against parents and their “outdated” ideas.

Mama Bears are informed, engaged and passionate about their work. We are the strongest defenders of our children and no one can force us into submission.

These are our children. We know what is best for them. Respect us.

To finish, we want society to stop excluding women from culture. We are not “pregnant people” or “breast eaters”. Contrary to what the woke culture tells our daughters, the word “woman” is not divisive, wrong, or disrespectful.


Telling women that they even exist as women is offensive, and they have to be something else is offensive to us.

As women, we are uniquely good at doing the work of motherhood in ways that a man simply cannot. We want to be recognized as the women we are.


So if you want to celebrate a mama bear this Mother’s Day, respect her authority, strengthen her voice, and honor her for the woman she is. And don’t mess with the innocence of her children.


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