This Lego Apple Store design submission is pitch-perfect

If your little Lego town is big enough, it might be time to add an officially sanctioned Lego Apple Store, which is vaguely possible if a recently submitted fan version gets the 10,000 votes required for Lego to consider it . This impeccably detailed creation features what most people expect from a modern Apple Store: a floor-to-ceiling glass facade, tables filled with Macs and iPhones, and shelves resplendent with neatly arranged white boxes.

Legotruman says the design is not based on any specific Apple Store and is instead inspired by the company’s retail aesthetic. Besides the obvious gigantic white logo and glass walls, they note that this includes black-trimmed door frames, headphones arranged in a floral pattern, and a ficus in a “white pot with a nougat border.”

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There are even tiny Lego versions of the original iMac and a Vision Pro hidden in the back!

Here’s a gallery full of images from the submission:

The design has over 1,300 supporters as of this writing, which bodes well for its chances of reaching 10,000 votes by the 600-day deadline, becoming worthy of Lego’s scrutiny. This does not mean that it will become reality; Although the company never explicitly states why it rejects a given idea, it has said that approval can be determined by things like the enjoyment of playing with a kit and the ability to license it. In this case, Lego would have to license this concept from Apple, which is known for protecting its image.

In addition to this Apple Store concept, Legotruman offers other delicious proposals that could deserve your votes, including one inspired by the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and another intended to honor Guillermo del Toro’s 10th anniversary Pacific Rim. Unfortunately, Lego rejected their idea of ​​recreating the “I’m OK” meme of a cartoon dog sitting calmly at a table in a burning house.

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