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This “left-wing ASMR” channel is where “political education meets cozy tingles”

If you like learning about left-wing books and ideas, and you also like ASMR, you’ll love this YouTube channel, where “political education meets cozy tingles.” Meet Lý Luan, who runs a channel dedicated to teaching left-wing content via ASMR. She describes her work:

Do you have trouble learning and reading books? Living under capitalism means devoting time to learning can seem like a daunting task. The demands of daily life, combined with difficulties concentrating and reading, create obstacles. Enter Lý Luan ASMR, an educational ASMRtist who whispers overview notes and left-wing book literature. My ASMR content is meticulously designed to give you an immersive, multi-sensory learning experience like no other. Combining whispers, triggers, ambient music, text, images, diagrams and a warm aesthetic, I use the power of relaxation to optimize your memory retention for seamless learning. My content is complemented by audio, written, and visual formats to engage all types of learners, whether you are a visual learner, an auditory enthusiast, a reading/writing learner, or all three. I hope to transport you to a world that is as comforting as it is educational and ignite your passion for learning!

His most recent video is about “10 Things About COVID The Government Didn’t Teach You.” She has also uploaded videos on Marxism, dialectical materialism, etc. Who knew learning left-wing content could be so relaxing?

To find out more, follow her X/Twitter or YouTube.

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