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This is what Place Saint-François in Quimper would look like without the covered market – Quimper

The city council of Quimper will not decide until April 29 on the future of the halls of Quimper. As a reminder, two scenarios are currently being studied: a renovation on the same site and a move 230 meters away, near the Glacière car park. An extra-municipal commission composed of many representatives of businesses, residents, residents of Quimper and the community will give its summary on its work on April 12th. Summary on which elected officials will rely to rule.

A sketch seen by the members of the commission

Mayor Isabelle Assih, who no longer hides her penchant for a move, unveiled on Friday a sketch already presented to the members of this committee at their last meeting. This is the Place Saint François relieved of the current market halls. An image that shows what this square could look like if the halls are moved.

“I called for this sketch so that the inhabitants can get a picture of themselves,” said Isabelle Assih, the mayor of Quimper. (The Telegram / Yves Madec)

“A great enhancement of heritage” for the architect of the Bâtiments de France

Only the framework of the old halls is preserved and covered with a glass roof which therefore protects those below from the elements. “I asked for this sketch so that the inhabitants manage to project themselves, justifies the mayor. This plan takes into account the result of the referendum, to which I voted no because there was no project behind, with regard to this framework. The Quimpérois had shown their attachment to this heritage. It is the most remarkable element of the halls, and a study has shown that it is possible to preserve it. By discovering this sketch, the architect of the buildings of France evoked a beautiful valuation of the heritage ”.

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